Windows 7 – End Of Live – What does it really mean for me?

It has been widely broadcast that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on January 14th 2020. That means that all security updates, bug fixes, etc will end and will not be provided by Microsoft.

Can I just remain as I am on Windows 7?

Of course there is nothing stopping you from carrying on using Windows 7 after the 14th January and there is no doubt many people and companies will but it is best to be fully informed of what that course of action means to your business and what the likely impact could be if you continue with an unsupported Operating System.

Learning from lessons of the past…

Remember when Windows XP expired but some organisations continued using it long after and fell victim to the likes of the WannaCry ransomware? It is very likely that attackers are working on similar ways to exploit the opportunities to attack when Microsoft ends its support for Windows 7.

Effectively Microsoft will not take responsibility for the Windows 7 product anymore making you more susceptible to hackers as you will no longer have regular patches and security updates. You are then risking losing important data and all the pain that comes with a cyber-attack.

Aside from the security threat aspect it also important to note that 3rd party software providers are unlikely to support their offering to you past this date if you still run a Windows 7 Operating System.

Change is always uncomfortable…

There is no doubting that change is never easy, especially when you are content with Windows 7, an operating system which is one of the most successful every developed by Microsoft. However, in order to continue receiving a better experience with improved features that can save time while producing better outputs from Word, Excel and PowerPoint not to mention closing the security risk then you really need to consider your upgrade options.

It will be short term pain for long term gain….

Nimbus are on hand to carry out a no obligation, non intrusive audit of your IT infrastructure. Using our award winning technology, we can quickly identify what devices need to be upgraded. This upgrade can either be working with the existing equipment right through to a complete refresh and everywhere in between. We can also offer flexible finance options which can alleviate any concerns about up front capital or the impact on cash flow. 

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