10 advantages of cloud computing

Cloud computing in business is here to stay, with software and data living online rather than on individual computers and systems.

Many businesses in Northern Ireland have already put cloud-based services to work. There’s no reason for companies in Belfast or further afield to get left behind. Here’s a quick run down of ten cloud computing advantages for your SME.

1. Cost savings

You only use what you need, rather than huge upfront fixed costs. Well we had to mention that one first.



2. Safe from malfunctions

If your in-house system breaks down, you risk losing all the information on there, a potentially fatal disaster for any company. However, if the information is kept online, the system’s administration is taking out of your hands and handled remotely by professional systems administrators. If you have data on-site, cloud-based off-site back-up can help.

3. Added security

The security arrangements of cloud computing systems are far more advanced and reliable than your average small business network, hence it makes sense to outsource it.

4. Ever accessible files

With cloud-based file storage, files can be synced across multiple geographical locations, with spare copies stored on the cloud along with previous back-up versions.

5. Streamlining

As cloud computing gives you greater ability to streamline processes with all the internet features and office tools at your disposal, it often allows your employees to be more productive with their time.

6. Hassle free email and calendaring

With systems like cloud-based Microsoft Exchange, workers can always be in touch and on time as emails and calendars become synchronised between their computers and mobile devices.

7. Globalised workforce

Although it could be seen as one of the cloud computing disadvantages for existing staff, the ability to hire workers from around the world with an internet-based system allows you to scout out talent from abroad.

8. Work on the go

Not only can employees live or travel elsewhere, they can also continue their work on their mobile or tablet while journeying between destinations. They can access their remote desktop from anywhere.

9. Increased collaboration

With employees all able to access the same documents at once, they’re in a better position to collaborate on projects simultaneously. This speeds up work and cuts down on miscommunication.

10. Environmentally-friendly

With ethics becoming an increasingly important part of business practice, being able to claim that you’re cutting down on energy usage and printing costs by going online would be a boost to your company’s reputation.

Your business can thrive by taking full advantage of cloud computing and all the advantages it provides. Move ahead today and contact Nimbus CS to see what we can do for you.

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