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Nimbus CS has been in the papers again, the following article was published by the Belfast Telegraph on 23/02/2016

Nimbus shakes hands on IT deal with Titanic Belfast

Nimbus CS will deliver IT systems for customer service, back office administration and ICT facilities at Titanic Belfast, as well as the Nomadic and Titanic Exhibition Centre.



Titanic Belfast’s IT systems have around 150 users. The site welcomes 2,500 guests a day.
Managing director Gareth McAlister said it would be beneficial for the three sites to have a single IT supplier.
“This will free up staff to concentrate on day to day business activity and will allow Nimbus CS to ensure that all critical systems are kept live and secure 24/7 with our dedicated support desk and static onsite engineers,” he said.
Nimbus employs 15 people, with three people taken on following the new deal.

Nimbus provides computer support for Fire Defence NI

Nimbus provides computer support for Fire Defence NI

Fire Defence NI is a supplier & service agent covering all Ireland with fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, CCTV/access control, fire risk assessments and training. Fire Defence is a leading supplier throughout Ireland. Nimbus is proud to support Fire Defence.

After a number of years having an unreliable IT system in place and various thrown together PC’s acting as servers Fire Defence was struggling to meet the demands of customers. The accounts system was slow with no real reporting tools in place. Engineers were now more field based than ever and had no way of communicating with the office staff while on the
Nimbus rushed in to put out the I.T. fire, replacing the existing infrastructure. A new Windows server was the core of the network. Email was moved to the cloud based exchange allowing easy and secure access from anywhere. The engineers migrated to a system where scheduling is automatically handled in the office and pushed out to their Android tablets. This system allows for central management from the head office and can have engineers on site quickly in case of rapid response.

Fire Defence has now cut down costs and increased productivity – at the same time customer service and satisfaction have increased.

Finally we upgraded the accounts system and introduced automatic invoicing and statements on a monthly basis.

I.T. fires needing put out? Call in the I.T. experts at Nimbus.

Northern Irish Star Catering Business is a Cloud Business

The Yellow Door is now one of Ireland’s leading catering companies, specialising in the outside catering and wholesale market.


With restaurants in Portadown, Lisburn and Belfast it requires staff to work out of the office at events throughout the country. Quite often they had no access to a regular computer while at an event so they needed a solution that would let them access all data from one location on any device and anywhere.

The Nimbus Cloud Solution

After assessing what Simon from The Yellow Door needed we suggested they introduce a cloud solution into the business. In order for all staff to be able to access critical business applications and files anywhere they chose our hosted desktop platform which now gives them access to a full Windows desktop hosted in a secure UK data centre using any internet enabled device such as Laptop, PC, Smartphone or Tablet. He was quick to see the cloud computing advantages!

For a set monthly fee they get the features of:

  • Windows Desktop
  • MS Office
  • Anti-virus included
  • Fully automated backup
  • Secure connection

This has given the yellow door the confidence to work outside the office and from home with the benefit of no capital cost and data securely backed up daily.

If you’d like your business to be a cloud business then contact Nimbus CS today.

Your Smart IT helping hands

Giving your business a big boost in Ireland North and South

Smart companies know there’s no point allocating big budgets to areas of their operations that just don’t need it. They need the work done alright; it’s just that there’s a better – and far more cost-effective – way of getting it.

Welcome to the Smart Hands world of Nimbus CS, the leading IT solutions company in Belfast providing essential remote management services to companies and organisations all over the UK mainland doing business in Belfast, Dublin, Leinster and Ulster – indeed all over Ireland.

Our Smart Hands service takes the hassle – and cost – out of setting up and managing your own or clients IT systems at various satellite offices and sites, letting you get on with business as we support your remote networks.

We work on a contract basis for UK mainland companies and can handle all their IT needs north and south of the Irish border. Many companies in England, Scotland and Wales find themselves in a position where they’ve been awarded a contract to provide a product or service to the entirety of Britain, and possibly to the Republic of Ireland too. It’s a big win for the company – but they have no IT staff on the island of Ireland and it may be a costly undertaking to set up an operation and send existing staff or recruit new ones.

After all, no business can properly function in today’s fiercely competitive business environment without solid IT infrastructure and support. Nimbus CS takes the headache, and cost, out of it by providing hands-on coverage for mainland UK clients operating in Northern Ireland or the Irish republic.

Everyone knows, there are critical times when you have to be on-site – when a server crashes and everything is thrown offline, it could be ruinous if prolonged. That’s why we make it a priority with our Smart Hands service to go to the affected location without delay so we can remedy the problem and restore the system.

If you would like to know more about what we do in Ireland for UK mainland companies, including our highly competitive rates, please get in touch with Nimbus CS today and we will be pleased to advise.

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