GDPR – Does your business need new IT systems?

GDPR – Does your business need new IT systems?

With the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) set to come into force in just a few months, now might be the right time to assess your current IT systems. Any business which handles the data of EU citizens will be affected, so it’s essential that you meet the new requirements.

Whilst large multi-national corporations may have in-house IT staff to manage these changes, small and medium businesses may struggle to implement new data management and IT systems. Although it may be easy to have a new system installed, you may require on-going assistance to ensure that it’s fully functional. Fortunately, you don’t have to handle your IT network alone.

Increasing cyber security

A key component of the GDPR is increasing data security. In addition to protecting the data of your clients and customers, you’ll want to ensure that your own business data isn’t vulnerable to an attack.

When it comes to computer security, it’s important to stay ahead of the game. New types of online threats occur daily, so you may need expert help to ensure that your system isn’t at risk of being breached.

By outsourcing your IT support or using managed services, you can ensure that you have access to professional IT assistance, whenever you need it. In addition to overhauling your existing IT network, you can outsource your computer support so that potential downtime is reduced.

In doing so, you’ll have access to expert help whenever you need it. Whilst IT glitches could be causing considerable expenditure, having access to professional assistance can ensure that your business is up and running quickly, if a glitch does occur.

Do you need small business IT support?

Small and medium enterprises can be in particular need of IT support. Whilst you may not have IT professionals on the payroll, you’ll still need your web presence to be managed, your servers to be secured and your email system to be configured.

Rather than hiring someone on a full-time basis, outsourcing your IT requirements can provide a cost-effective and efficient way of managing your in-house technology. To find out more about accessing IT support, why not get in touch with Nimbus CS today?

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