Top Tips for staying Cyber Safe this Christmas and beyond.

Top Tips for staying Cyber Safe this Christmas and beyond.

1. Ensure a full backup of your data has been carried out before your business closes for the Christmas break (in addition to your regular backups). For further peace of mind let Nimbus take care of your backups for you and benefit from 24/7 monitoring.

2. Make sure the device containing your backup is not permanently connected to the device holding the original copy or over a local network.

3. Consider backing up to the cloud. If we already provide you with cloud services, ensure that these are fully utilised.  If you haven’t yet taken up the opportunity to move to the cloud, talk to us today about the benefits for your business.

4. Be aware of phishing attacks.  These typically spike over the Christmas period, particularly in the retail sector in the form of discount codes etc., however are common throughout the year in Business to Business communications. Phishing is where scammers send fake emails asking for sensitive information or containing links to bad websites.  Look out for poor spelling, grammar and low quality versions of recognisable logos. If you’re not sure, don’t take the risk!

5. Perhaps you or your staff will take advantage of working remotely over the Christmas period?  Make sure your smartphones, tablets and other devices are PIN/ Password protected and configured so that if lost or stolen can be easily tracked, remotely wiped or locked.  Talk to us today about how to do this.

6. Ensure all your devices are protected with Nimbus approved antivirus and only install approved software on devices.

7. Avoid using predictable passwords and if you forget your password or think your password has been leaked, let Nimbus know asap.

8. Prepare for bad weather.  Ok so it’s not something that the Cyber criminals can affect, and it looks unlikely that we’re going to get the White Christmas that we’ve been dreaming of, but the impact of bad weather can be hugely disruptive for your IT systems so consider this when thinking about power outages, flooding and keeping moderate temperatures in your premises over the Christmas period.

We hope you enjoy a safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year!

How outsourced IT supports your business growth

How outsourced IT supports your business growth

Any fast-growing small or midsize business has enough to deal with without having to worry about its growing IT footprint. From printing and servers to desktop support and IT security, there is a growing list of needs that can add to the workload of people who should be focusing on growing the business.

Outsourced IT offers a solution

With the ever-changing IT landscape, the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and companies needing the ability to meet the needs of a workforce that is increasingly mobile and used to operating in the cloud, it can often be better to let someone else handle the workload. Outsourced support is there when you need it and can digitise your processes to improve business efficiency, while ensuring your business data is always backed up, your protection software is up to date and the business is protected against the latest internet threats.

Migrating data and services to the cloud can help the business reduce costs, improve the efficiency of your teams, and encourage mobile or remote working. That also means that, should your company have a network or PC issue, people can continue working on other devices, keeping work going until the issue is resolved. Most IT problems can now be resolved remotely, saving on time need for engineer callouts and visits.

Growing businesses need support

As the company grows, so will its data and IT demands. Cloud services provide simple access to limitless storage and computer power, essential cloud software like Office 365, accounting programmes and other tools that can help the company run smoothly with low-cost investment. They can help the business keep running in case of a disaster like fire or flood, and, if your company moves office, everything will be back up and running instantly, once the PCs are on their new desks.

These other benefits are a key reason why many companies are moving to outsourced IT and cloud services to reduce the cost to the business, while making sure they keep up to date with the latest technologies that can help improve company performance and data safe and secure.

Whatever the size of your business, get in touch with us at Nimbus CS to find out how we can help you.

The top threats to your business data

Whether you keep your business data on the premises or in the cloud, the risks to it continue to stack up. In a free-to-download-report, security advisor Bitglass highlights the leading threats. With many companies taking a look at upgrading their data storage, IT support systems and threat management as GDPR looms, now is a good time for any business to consider and understand the risks involved too, and what they can do about them.

The figures make for interesting reading, more than one-in-ten companies experienced an actual breach, shattering the notion that your company is too small or insignificant in the scope of the web to matter. The leading risks come from someone in the business accessing rogue or malware infected websites, or clicking on a spam email that leads to a threat. User training and up-to-date firewalls and antivirus are a do-it-today must for any business.

Also high on the agenda are insider threats, with workers wilfully exposing company data, or as with Twitter and the temporary banning of Donald Trump’s account, having some digital fun on their way out the door. Limiting access to data, no matter how it might annoy some users, is essential for protecting data. Similarly, having secure remote backups, checking for workers making unauthorised copies and ensuring those departing the company can’t access any business critical information are key steps to remaining secure.

Finally, denial of service attacks can hit any business at any time. They may last hours or days, and if it targets an ISP or data centre, can impact the company’s productivity. Having plans in place for alternative working practices, maintaining access to live data and having paper access to key data like customer contact information is all part of being able to work through a DDoS attack or another business continuity issue.

You can download the report here and consider the implications for your company. If your business is growing fast, getting expert help for your IT services, migrating data to the cloud for greater accessibility and having the right secure connectivity for your business are all key elements of protecting the company against digital risk.


Why outsourcing IT is the ideal solution for flexible businesses

Why outsourcing IT is the ideal solution for flexible businesses

In the days of old-fashioned, one-site offices, it might have made sense to hire your IT support internally. But when it comes to multiple locations and flexible working conditions (a setup that is quickly becoming the norm in the modern business world), it’s just not that simple. IT is no longer just about computer support and server maintenance on a day-to-day basis; there’s a lot more involved. Here’s why the modern organisation should consider external IT support to make their business better:

More versatile assistance

For organisations where staff work in varying locations – on the road, at home or even in other countries – internal IT can find it challenging to keep up with demand. In companies of this style, there is much more variety in the level of support needed, from location-based issues through to technical help that would be difficult to respond to quickly with an in-company IT team.

External IT support, on the other hand, has far more reach and more versatility of skill thanks to having various experts on hand. By choosing to export your IT services, you can get things done quicker, in multiple locations, all at the same time.

The bigger picture

External IT isn’t there to replace your internal resources, but it allows them to be used more efficiently without constant distractions from other staff members. IT-heavy project work can often take longer than expected due to team members called up to work on other projects, offer support or respond to other technical queries. This constant distraction leads to late work and more expensive costs that can be easily avoided by outsourcing all non-essential IT resource.

Support: wherever, whenever

If your company has components worldwide, or even just staff who work unsociable hours, organising full and comprehensive IT support at all time can seem an impossible task. From holidays to sickness and also just the length of the working day, internal IT can’t be everywhere at once. By utilising an external resource for your IT support, not only can you turn that 8-hour day into a 24/7 support system – you can also ensure that no matter where you are in the world you can get help when you need, saving your company time and money that would otherwise be spent waiting for support that’s offline.

If outsourcing your IT services sounds like the perfect fit for your business, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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