How IT support can help Belfast businesses get an edge

If you run a business based in Belfast (or anywhere else in Northern Ireland), you should be aware that IT support can help you get an edge over your competitors. Many Northern Ireland-based SMEs don’t invest much in IT support. As a result, if you choose to take advantage of professional IT support, you will have access to several crucial advantages that many of your competitors won’t have. In today’s blog, we’ll look at the three most important ways that IT support in Belfast can help your business succeed.

1. Maintaining key systems

The main purpose of IT support is, of course, to repair and maintain a business’s computerised systems. Even if you run a very small business, you probably use computing technology to handle one or two essential functions. For example, you probably have a website for marketing purposes and an internet connection that employees and customers can use. You probably also do your book-keeping using a computerised system. If any of these functions is disrupted by an IT fault, your business is likely to lose money or experience a period of disruptive chaos. Investing in on-call IT support means that you can have faulty IT systems repaired faster and therefore protect your bottom line.

2. Increasing computerisation

If you run an SME, you may be hesitant to computerise certain essential business functions. You may run a few functions through computers, but increased computerisation would lead to greater efficiency, lower overheads and increased NET profits. However, it would also mean risking downtime and other serious problems if your computer system failed. IT support can prevent and repair failures, thereby rendering the issue irrelevant. By investing in IT support, you can computerise more of your business without worrying about the repercussions.

3. Filling gaps in your understanding

Running a business is a complicated process that doesn’t leave a lot of time for mastering new IT skills. The amount you can do with IT systems may, therefore, be limited by your understanding of them. Professional IT support can help you set up and create new systems and improve old ones. With the right IT support, you can utilise software that helps you run your business and even increase your online presence.

Here at Nimbus CS, we provide a wide variety of IT services, ranging from simple hardware and software maintenance to expert advice on getting the most out of your IT systems. We can help migrate data to the cloud to increase the efficiency of your computers and therefore your business or we can fill specific IT-related roles for your business through our ‘managed services’. We believe that IT support should be about more than just fixing computers when they fail: it should empower you to do more with your business. If you run an SME based in Belfast or the rest of Northern Ireland, contact us today. Our IT services will help you gain the edge you need over your competitors.

What to look for when choosing IT support in Belfast

When running any kind of SME in Belfast, the IT support you have is vital. IT is at the heart of most businesses now, from the network you use to run your daily operations to the PCs your staff use in their roles. Keeping this side of your business running effectively is where great IT support comes in. Many SMEs will choose to outsource their IT support for the many benefits it brings such as cost savings and a more flexible level of IT support.

But what should you be looking for when choosing the best IT support in Belfast?

1. An experienced external company

Your IT systems and the data they contain are highly sensitive and the key to your business. With this in mind, it is vital you choose an external IT company in Belfast who are experienced in the industry. This will mean that they have past knowledge of helping to support companies like yours and can use this to make sure everything runs smoothly.

2. Great value

As with everything in business, your IT support has to be cost-effective. With this in mind, you need to choose IT support that is great value for money. Please remember this doesn’t always mean the cheapest! Shop around and see what you are getting for your money with each company. Choose the one that gives the best level of support and range of features for what you will pay.

3. Awesome customer service

Any kind of IT issues for your business could cost you money and potential customers. This makes it essential that the IT support in Belfast that you select is both easy to get hold of and responds quickly to any problems you raise. The customer service should also be professional and polite when they are helping to fix your issue.

If you would like the best IT support in Belfast that offers all the above and more, then contact us today. We are confident that you will love not just our superior level of IT support but the way we work with you too. Get in touch today and find out how we can help your business grow.

How do you put together a good cyber defence?

How do you put together a good cyber defence?

Cyber security isn’t just important – it is essential. You don’t leave the doors of your business’ premises or warehouses open at night. It might be an obvious question, but why? The answer is simple; because things will get stolen or vandalised. So why treat your online and technological presence any differently? Why leave all of your virtual doors unlocked for someone to creep in, and take from, alter, or destroy your business? You need a robust cyber defence, but how do you put this together?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to cyber security

Effective cyber defence isn’t something you can readily buy in a ‘catch-all’ package. The days of anti-virus being enough to cover your business are long gone. The same applies to the traditional approaches of focusing the majority of your resources on protecting your crucial system components and protecting against the biggest known threats. The approach of hackers has changed; they now have a sophisticated set of tools at their disposal that were once thought impossible, even in the tech world. Before you develop a system and strategy to defend your organisation, you need to perform the likes of a vulnerability assessment and pen testing. Penetration testing is a crucial part of understanding where your organisation’s vulnerabilities lie. Think of it as a dummy run cyber-attack that will help ensure that your systems and your staff are up to the task of defending against a real cyber-attack. This also has to go hand in hand with a vulnerability assessment. You need to fully understand what cyber risks your systems could be vulnerable towards.

Did you know that most attacks stem from employee error?

Your employees need to be fully trained on security issues to ensure the fundamentals are adhered to. This is imperative to avoid any naivety and ignorance that could create a security breach in itself; and, secondly, to effectively protect against external threats. So what can you do? By implementing easy-to-follow guides for your staff, you will help them to understand their duties in the event of a cyber-attack and how they should act to protect confidential information. You also need to identify key staff that are responsible for monitoring how effective your cyber security is. You’ll need to assign someone at executive level to take responsibility for the planning and integration of an incident response strategy while working with your IT department to manage security. From here, the culture will develop downwards from the top.

Does running your own in-house security team sound too expensive? For most companies it is, and that is where an expert firm providing cyber security and IT support Belfast wide can assist. Contact Nimbus CS today for more information.

When you should call in IT support in Belfast

When you should call in IT support in Belfast

If technology is not your strong point, don’t worry. Unless your business is in the Northern Irish IT sector, there is no need for you to have to understand much else than computer basics. However, as technology advances at a lightning-fast pace, you can feel left behind if you can’t keep up with it in your business, but the truth is that most successful businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland get IT support by outsourcing it.

Online Assistance

When you outsource your IT support, you are calling on a group of talented professionals that are experts when it comes to all things computer-related. If you have never availed of managed services like this before, you probably don’t know what you can call on them for. Today we’re going to take a look at some examples when you should rely on the professionals to deliver IT support in Belfast.

Cyber security

Most businesses in Northern Ireland and elsewhere have sensitive information that must remain within the confines of the business. This could be customer and client details, formulas, passwords, instructions or anything similar that needs to be protected from hackers and other threats. Cyber security techniques are really only effective when implemented by a professional and if you’re concerned about your company’s data being hacked then this definitely warrants a call to outsourced IT support.

Hardware and software installation

When you have new hardware or software that you want to introduce to your business, the best way to get off on the right foot is by enlisting some professional assistance. IT support can set up new devices and install software very efficiently and call also train you and your staff in how to use it properly.

When you’re too busy

Even if you find that you are nifty enough when it comes to IT, you also have a business to run. You may be too busy with GDPR or you may need help with the IT side of GDPR. When you outsource IT you can have as much or as little of it as you need. So when you are too busy to take on an issue yourself, give your managed services for IT a call. This is much cheaper than having a full-time IT department and by choosing Belfast-based IT support they can come out to fix the problem quickly or guide you remotely.

At the end of the day, no problem is too big or too small for a Belfast IT support provider like Nimbus.

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