The essential qualities of IT support providers

Outsourcing your IT support is a very intelligent investment for all business owners throughout Ireland & UK to strongly consider, regardless of the size of the business. It’s something that can truly give a business an edge over the competition, ensuring they remain as competitive as possible.

When considering paying for IT support, Belfast business owners should be looking for the following:


A good IT support service will be passionate about providing you with the very best service they possibly can. This means you can guarantee they won’t take shortcuts, won’t take unnecessary risks, and will do everything they can to keep your business running as smoothly as possible.

That passion means that they will also be keeping up to date with all of the latest developing technology, and will recommend its implementation when possible. This ensures your business remains as competitive and secure as possible.


If there’s one thing you can rely on in business, it’s that not all businesses are the same. You have your own unique and individual ways of operating, which means you’re going to need an IT support provider who can seamlessly adapt with you as new requirements develop.

If your IT support provider is stuck on a very narrow track, in no time at all it’ll begin to bring your business down, stifling your growth and making it difficult for you to compete in a demanding marketplace. Your IT support provider should be highly flexible, as well as willing to listen to your individual requirements.


Providing IT support is about constantly achieving goals and delivering consistent results. Do a little bit of homework on the organisation you’re considering employing to manage your IT support: some legwork done beforehand can save you the time and tribulation of choosing someone who won’t provide the results.

You’re placing a highly valuable part of your business in someone else’s hands, so before you even consider it make sure you’re truly satisfied they have the experience, the knowledge, and the understanding necessary to provide professional quality IT support.

Essential cyber security tips for your business

Essential cyber security tips for your business

The UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 found that approximately 50% of SMEs had experienced a cyber security breach within the previous 12 months. For a large part of these, the breaches were avoidable and could have been prevented given increased employee training, updated firmware, or better holistic cyber security strategies. Given that a cyber attack could potentially be devastating to your business, our experts have suggested three essential tips your SME must follow to help prevent it being a victim of cyber security attacks.

1. Employees must recognise phishing attempts

Phishing is an attempt to get the user to click a link in an email, which purports to come from a legitimate source, but will often end up causing irreparable damage if the link is followed. Since most phishing emails attempt to spoof email addresses from reputable companies, it can be even more difficult to tell what is real and what is not. As such, it is essential that your employees are up to date with knowledge on phishing, how to recognise attempts and how to prevent them.

2. Always update your software

While having to update your software can be annoying, and may lead to a small downtime of your computers, there is a reason that firms let you know about software updates as soon as they become available. Most of the time, the updates don’t concern new features and designs, but actually represent updates of internal security, fixing any bugs that hackers can expose. Most ransomware attacks are caused by exploiting outdated software, so you should always click that update now button.

3. Different accounts need different passwords

While it may be tempting, and easy, to reuse the same password for all of your accounts, this is a basic security problem. If someone where to get hold of your password for one account, they then instantly have access to all of your accounts, with potentially devastating effects. Therefore, ensure that you and your employees use different passwords across the board – it may be a bit more inconvenient, but will significantly increase your internal security.

At Nimbus CS, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality IT support Belfast has to offer. We offer our clients end to end IT outsourcing solutions that cover all of Ireland and most of the UK, with offices in Belfast and Dublin. For more information about our services, click here or you can contact us.

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support

Many businesses choose to outsource their IT support, for a wide variety of reasons. Choosing a trustworthy, experienced company to handle day-to-day IT support processes is one of the soundest investments a business of any size can make. Here are some benefits.

1. Efficient Cost Management

An in-house IT support team can be a volatile expense, whether due to necessary training or the purchasing and maintenance of equipment, smaller businesses can quickly feel the drain of both time and resources necessary to effectively manage in-house IT support.

A dedicated IT support company however will already have the necessary tools, training, and experience in order to provide the right service – none of those investments are needed by the client. So, the client is able to get the benefits of a fully furnished IT support team, without having to worry about the ongoing maintenance and training costs.

2. Security Improvements

An in-house IT support team, especially during its formation and initial processes, can be liable to make mistakes – some of which could prove very costly or leave the system vulnerable later down the line. This, naturally, could mean a great risk of fraud, data-theft, and robbery.

Dedicated IT support companies, however, are constantly monitoring trends in the world of cyber-hacking and IT fraud. This means they will already have the necessary tools to implement protection against new threats as they develop – keeping the business as secure as possible.

3. Damage Recovery

A disaster can happen at any time, no matter how well protected a business is. Fire, flooding, or even an unpredictable hack can leave a business requiring extensive damage recovery in order to continue functioning – this is where dedicated outsourced IT support can help.

Whether it’s through the rebuilding of the essential IT systems to get the business back online faster, or the off-site storage of essential business data to protect against loss when disaster occurs, IT support companies are familiar with the most up to date backup and recovery protocol.

These are just a few of the reasons why outsourcing IT support makes sense for all businesses – it helps them to stay protected, efficient, and profitable.

Scaling your IT system to grow your business

If you run a start-up or SME, you probably want to grow it into a larger company. However, as your small business grows into a larger one, its IT requirements will also grow. This means that you’ll need to scale your IT systems and solutions as your business expands. Unfortunately, scaling your IT systems isn’t easy if you’re not a computer expert. Luckily, IT support services can assist you. There are three key steps you should take to scale your IT systems and a good support service can help with all of them. We’ll examine each of them in today’s blog post.

1. Cloud migration

The bigger a business becomes, the more data it generates. Financial records, product information, performance metrics and other pieces of information all need to be stored. Obviously, you can’t just keep adding more and more storage devices to your on-site computer network. Therefore, in order to scale your data storage capacity, you should migrate your data to off-site cloud servers run by a cloud storage provider. Cloud storage is infinitely scalable and doesn’t require you to buy bulky, physical storage devices. A good IT support provider can help when it comes to moving your data to the cloud.

2. Adding additional hardware

As businesses grow, their IT systems need to take on more functions and handle more operations per second. In other words, they require more processing power. One way to increase a system’s processing power and enable it to cope with more functions is to integrate new computers into the business’s network. IT support services can assist you with adding new hardware to your existing network without disrupting it.

3. Virtualisation

Another way to increase your IT system’s functionality is through virtualisation. As we’ve explained in previous blogs, virtualisation allows businesses to run multiple different functions on the same server. This allows you to scale your IT network’s functionality without incurring significant costs. It can be used as an alternative to additional hardware or to complement it.

Here at Nimbus CS, we provide cloud migration, hardware set-up and virtualisation services alongside our standard IT support. We operate across Britain and now provide IT support in Belfast and the rest Northern Ireland, so if you’re based in any of these areas and want to help your business grow, contact us about scaling your IT system today.

Do SMEs Still Need IT Departments?

In the early days of computers, the IT department was revered. Many companies hired their own IT expert whose entire job it was to ensure that the network operated as desired. Few people understood programming or networking and most did not want to even try putting a computer together, so the IT guy was vital. These days, most computers arrive ready to use, the software comes with built-in wizards that offer simple and fool-proof options so you can tailor your computer system to suit your needs. So, is it necessary to have an IT department anymore?

The answer to that is both yes and no. No, you do not need to pay an entire salary to one person to make sure that your computer systems are up-to-date and backed up properly. But, yes, you do still need to make sure that processes like back-ups, software updates, and hardware renewals are done on a regular basis. This work can feasibly be done by other people in the office, but it must be pointed out that this takes them away from their real work, and can sometimes go wrong when warning signs are missed because of their inexperience. Belfast, at present, is enjoying something of a boom, with companies opening up or moving to Northern Ireland from both mainland UK and Europe, missing sales or losing opportunities because your IT support or computer security is not up to standard can be devastating to a growing business.

So, what is the solution?

The best way forward is to get the very best technology from fully trained experts for a very reasonable price. How is this achieved, you may ask, and the answer is simple. Sign on with a third-party IT company, like us, and enjoy a tailor-made IT service. We work with customers to work out exactly what they need, and then design and implement a system that provides them with all that. We offer the latest in cybersecurity and are more likely to be up-to-date as it’s our business to know how to protect yours.

We know that any computer system is only as good as the people who use it, so we are never further away than a phone call, ready to offer support as and when it is needed by your staff. Signing up with us is a great way to ensure that you have all small business IT support and managed services that your Belfast company needs.

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