Are you looking for an IT support provider? Here’s what you need to know

Are you looking for an IT support provider? Here’s what you need to know

It’s a no-brainer that IT is an essential part of any business. As it’s used to improve customer service, manufacturing, human resource management, transport, communication, and so much more.

However, running an internal IT department can be tedious and heavy on the balance sheets. For this reason, many businesses turn to IT support companies for quality and professional services. But with so many options out there, choosing the right service can be somewhat tricky.

So we’ve put together a checklist to help you make the right decision.

Do they have a good reputation?

As with any other long-term business relationships, you need to do your homework before signing that dotted line. Here, you are looking for real customer reviews and recommendations. Most of them are available online, but you can always contact the company and ask for a list of clients in your line of business.

Does the IT Company have experience with your workstations and servers?

Sometimes, companies may use Linux or Mac OS on their systems. And that’s fine, but does the potential IT service provider have experience with those operating systems? Though IT guys are considered universal, their experience with your systems is very important.

How does their Response time look like?

An IT company may offer excellent customer service and support for your technologies but fail to deliver timely solutions when you really need them. Therefore, ask for a service level agreement that shows how fast they can resolve issues. But still, response time depends on the level of support you are willing to pay for. Options include:

  • Pay-as-you-go support
  • Break-fix support
  • Managed service support
  • Certifications and partnerships

Reputable IT support companies always have connections with all the big names in the tech industry. For example, if you work with Windows, look out for partnerships between Microsoft and the IT company. That way, you are assured that no system hiccup will be too difficult to resolve. Also, consider partnerships with hardware manufacturers like Dell and HP.

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Nimbus CS is an IT company operating in the United Kingdom that meets all of the above requirements. We have handled email, networks and computer solutions for numerous clients, and we look forward to hearing from you.

How to protect your business from ransomware

One of the most infamous cyber security threats over recent years has been ransomware. This is malicious software that uses encryption and holds your network or server data for ransom, where the criminal or criminals demand that you pay a certain amount of money for your data to be released and resorted. Like the vast majority of cyber security threats, ransomware is often able to access a device through a hole in the security network, usually by posing as a harmless file and getting an unsuspecting individual to download it. Ransomware has recently been in the news across the world, holding banks, medical institutions and big businesses to ransom.

However, by following a few simple rules, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of ransomware finding its way onto your businesses’ network.

1. Only pay the ransom as a last resort.

There is no guarantee that the hackers will release your data once you have paid, and paying these criminals only encourages and funds them to continue attacking vulnerable people and companies.

2. Ensure you always have your data backed up.

By conducting regular offline or remote backups of your data, you can ensure that you won’t lose anything important even if your data does become encrypted and withheld from you by ransomware.

3. Ensure your employees are fully trained to be aware of scams.

It’s not just ransomware they need to be on the lookout for, but phishing scams, as well as anything that attempts to get them to download files or provide sensitive information. Establish a system where employees are aware of how these scams are often presented, and establish a culture where asking for second opinions and verifying these links is actively encouraged.

4. Make sure all programmes are fully updated.

When software tells you that an update is available, it is common that this update helps to make the software more secure, rather than just adding additional program features. As such, always update your software when prompted.

At Nimbus CS, we pride ourselves on providing full and comprehensive IT support to medium and large business from a whole variety of industries. For more information about our services, get in touch on +44 28 900 800 30 or +353 1901 2099 , you can also contact Nimbus CS using this link.

Why does your business need a cyber-security health check?

Why does your business need a cyber-security health check?

Any kind of business that operates across the UK knows how important cyber-security is now. Making sure that your IT servers and systems are robust enough to deal with any threat is vital to your business. This will not only help to protect your systems from being infected with malware or viruses but it will also keep the sensitive data you store on them secure.

But how can you be sure that your IT security arrangements are up to scratch? That is where an IT security health check comes into its own.

How can this help protect your business?

In simple terms, a thorough cyber-security health check will review your current IT security and the arrangements you have in place to keep any malicious attacks out. This can be done by in-house IT staff if you have them but many businesses will employ a professional third party to get a second opinion. Here are a few reasons why they make perfect sense for any size of business.

Helps to spot gaps

One problem that many businesses face when it comes to staying safe online is there may be gaps in their defences. They will in all probability not know that these gaps are there, which leaves them wide open to future attack. An IT security check will help to spot whether your router, firewall or other measures are at risk so you can get it sorted out.

GDPR protection

You have probably heard enough about GDPR to last a lifetime, but it does have an impact here too. The onus is on businesses now to do all they can to protect any personal data they hold on their IT systems. A security review will ensure that you are doing this and in a way that can be proved.

Staff education

Another great reason to get your IT security checked is that you can also use it as a reminder to staff of their responsibilities. When they see the importance that you put on keeping the various company servers and systems safe, they will be more committed to doing their bit also.

Contact Nimbus CS today. If you would like to get the most comprehensive and expert IT security check around, give us a call today. We can help review your current security measures and fine tune them to ensure they are as robust as possible. Nimbus CS operates all across the UK and can help any size of business who needs some extra guidance.

Common misconceptions about managed service providers

The IT managed services sector has experienced significant growth over the last decade as many people have already embraced the idea of outsourcing IT solutions. Businesses can now enjoy efficient information processing, data security, and network monitoring without hiring in-house IT technicians.

In spite of these advancements, there’s still a lot of misinformation regarding outsourced IT support. This article debunks some common myths about managed services.

All or nothing

Some businesses believe that partial outsourcing of managed IT services can cause friction among employees. Recent experiences, however, have shown that these services enable companies to focus on product development, service delivery, and other important business operations.

They’re costly

Many small and medium enterprises shy away from using these services because they deem them to be expensive. Today cost is no longer an issue to worry about when hiring IT service providers.

You can choose a package that allows you to pay for specific managed services. This approach will enable you to save some money in the long run as you only have to pay for what you need.

You lose control of your IT infrastructure

This is an unsupported claim that some people make to discourage companies from outsourcing IT support. You shouldn’t let this type of misinformation stifle your business’ growth and success.

Reputable managed services providers prioritise the interests of their clients. They work with staff members to ensure they offer tailored solutions that don’t disrupt regular business operations.

Managed services are only meant for large businesses

A while back most IT managed services providers made advertisements targeting large businesses only. This marketing approach led some business owners to believe that these services were not suitable for small and medium companies.

Competent IT support companies, such as Nimbus CS, understand that every business needs flexible and effective IT solutions. They offer managed services to both large companies and SMEs.

They’re similar to remote monitoring services

Managed services aren’t synonymous with remote monitoring. As a matter of fact, remote monitoring is only a part of IT managed services, which include storage, cyber security, network installation and management, computer support, and backup.

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