Whatever sector your small or medium sized business operates in, you will have to send out invoices to your customers and keep on top of your company accounts. Sage accountancy software is a great way to do this and is trusted by many businesses as a key part of their overall business IT support. You can even access it via the Cloud now for full flexibility of use if you wish to do so.

But just how can this software benefit your business specifically?

sage software

1. Eliminate costly mistakes

If you currently keep track of your company accounts manually, either on paper or via a spreadsheet that needs people to update, then mistakes are an ever present issue. Using a reliable and strong piece of accountancy software like Sage makes this a distant memory. The software will do all the work for you or your staff in terms of calculations once the initial data is entered.

2. Help generate useful reports

Of course, a large part of accountancy is making decisions on any future financial commitments. Sage comes with a very handy reporting function that allows for accurate and relevant reports to be created. The data in the system will be automatically collated by the parameters you set when you create a report to look at. This will give you the correct information to make key business decisions on for the future.

3. It will save your staff time

As we all know, time is money in business. Sage accountancy software will actually cut down the time your staff spend on their current tasks and free them up to complete more work in other areas. This will make your business much more streamlined and efficient, leading to a better service offered to customers. Once the data is entered, Sage does all the work so your staff can get on with other important business tasks.

If you think Sage accountancy software could be a wise choice for your business, give us a call today. We have over 15 years experience in the IT support industry and can install Sage for you. Get in touch with Nimbus CS today to gain better control over your business finances and a greater decision making ability.

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