Behind every successful business there is a productive workforce, yet achieving and maintaining such an equilibrium is a challenge. Even minor setbacks can prevent workers reaching their full capacity. If your business has over 20 desktop workstations, it is likely that you are experiencing costly downtime as a result of an IT issue. Technology helps us to achieve great things but operators cannot be expected to understand how to fix software and hardware problems. Here is how outsourcing your IT requirements will help you to avoid costly downtime in your business:

1) Quick problem resolution

An IT issue can quickly send a worker off schedule. All the time taken seeking help and resolution is a cost to you. Even with an IT expert in-house if issues occur simultaneously the worker may have to wait for assistance. Through an outsource team, the problem can be analysed quickly. Once IT experts have knowledge of the issue it can be categorised for level of severity. Quick diagnosis means minor issues are dealt with and alternative arrangements made for longer term fixes. Faster problem resolution dramatically reduces the impact of IT downtime.

2) Experts on-hand

For your teams, having IT experts readily available comes as a welcome relief for line and production managers. It removes the pressure of fixing problems they are not equipped to solve and keeps their attention on the job at hand. With an outsource IT team, there is no need to compete for attention with other departments, experts are immediately available.

3) Security and backup

A cyber security breach or data leak can have a catastrophic impact on a business. With the right protection in place, the chances of this occurring are greatly reduced. A managed services solution ensures your safety net is applied behind the scenes. In the event that an issue occurs, business IT support will be your first line of defence.

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