It is almost beyond belief to think that one contractor pulling out the wrong plug could bring down the IT systems of a multinational giant, and strand thousands of passengers in the process. Not only did this person single-handedly bring down a British Airways data centre, but by “plugging it back in” again, he created an ad-hoc data system inconsistency failure that cascaded across the company’s computers. This meant that it took days, and much embarrassing press coverage, to resolve the problem rather than an hour or two, as the company’s carefully constructed backup systems would have done if left alone.


The lesson for any business is that the best-laid IT plans mean nothing when the unexpected happens. Clearly, if your IT systems, servers and so on have UPS backup or run from the mains, then marking the vital plugs or leaving clear instructions on what to do, or not to do, in the event of a power failure will prevent any such drama.

But many companies are not that far up the IT evolutionary scale, they rely on a few computers with all their data, and often lack sufficient backups, remote access or other essentials that could see them survive an unexpected visit from a clumsy worker or even a regular IT failure. Take British Airways’ failure as a warning sign that something just as terrible could happen to any business and get professional advice to prepare your company.

Seeking help and support from experts is one of the fastest ways to protect and secure your company data and IT systems. We can help provide managed services, put in place appropriate security and backup systems, ensuring your vital data and information is always available, whatever goes wrong, allowing the business to continue.

A blended approach of on-site and cloud backups, hosted email Exchange and services means your workers can access your data from any device, rather than being tied to a single desktop or notebook PC. This can increase business flexibility and mobility, helping your workers be more efficient. Whatever your IT situation, get in touch and get advice to avoid an embarrassing BA-style £50 million disaster that could cripple your company.




British Airways A321 by Transport Pixels licensed under Creative commons 5

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