All businesses need to take cyber security seriously. However, some companies need to be especially thorough and vigilant when it comes to protecting their computers. Here at Nimbus CS, we understand that the level of cyber security a company needs is affected by a number of factors. However, the two most important factors are the size of the company and the sector it operates in. We’d like to share our insights into how these two factors affect a company’s digital security requirements with you. You might discover that your business needs more extensive security measures than you previously thought.

Business Size and Cyber Security

In the past small businesses where rarely targeted by serious criminals or corporate rivals, so they only needed a moderate level of security. Of course, no small business should ignore cyber security altogether: if a business appears vulnerable, it is more likely to become a target for cyber-criminals, no matter how small it is. Within the last year there has been a huge increase in the attacks against small businesses as hackers have realised they can profit from crimes like holding data to ransom.

Big businesses have extensive security requirements, but tend to have very thorough security measures in-place. They too are in the midst of upping their game.

Mid-sized enterprises are the most vulnerable. If you have successfully grown your small business into a medium-sized company, you need to re-evaluate your security as soon as possible. Many mid-sized businesses keep the same cyber security set-up they had when they were small startups, but this level of security simply isn’t adequate for better-known, mid-scale operations. Mid-sized businesses are more likely to be targeted by criminals and unscrupulous corporate rivals than their smaller counterparts, yet many don’t increase their level of cyber security to match the level of threat they face. Don’t panic if you’re in this position: at Nimbus CS, we offer cyber-security for mid-sized businesses as well as startups. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you bulk up your computer security.


Business Sector and Cyber security

Businesses in certain sectors have to hold sensitive information on their customers or clients in order to fulfil their role effectively. Businesses that operate in the financial sector, for example, have to hold detailed information about their clients’ savings, wealth, income and debts. Meanwhile, businesses in the legal sector (including every business from civil law firms to criminal defence attorneys) hold personal information on their clients that may relate to their cases.

These are just two of the most obvious examples. Any type of business that operates in a sector where potentially sensitive information has to be recorded should take extra precautions with its cyber security. Sensitive information is very attractive to cyber criminals. What’s more, if a security breach does release sensitive information, it can be deeply disastrous for the business that holds that information. If your business has digitally stored personal information on its clients, you should get in touch with us immediately. We can help you increase your security to the level you need.

Mid-sized businesses and businesses in sectors where personal information is routinely held on record are far more vulnerable than other types of business. Luckily, we can help. Contact us today.



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