Cloud-based services are becoming more and more essential as businesses look to maximise productivity and cut costs. Daas, or Desktop as a Service, is just one of the IT support solutions Nimbus CS offer.

How can a hosted desktop solution benefit your business?


One of the biggest ways small businesses are able to grow is by being either partially or entirely remote. Being able to work from any location is a big boon, especially for businesses with a diverse client base. With a hosted desktop solution, you can access your business applications from anywhere, on any device. With managed services, you’ll also have the aspects such as upgrades, data management and service maintenance all taken care of.


Whether you’re a one-man-band or a growing SME, it’s important that your IT support solutions grow with you. Hosted desktop solutions are designed so that multiple employees can access business software from multiple locations. Today, that might be a single sales rep needing remote access at a sales meeting with an important client. In six months time, you might have a fleet of reps all needing access. A hosted desktop managed service changes with you and your business, allowing you to add and remove users as and when you need to.


According to research from Pixmania, a cloud-based IT support solution can increase workforce productivity by up to 20%. This makes sense when you realise that as soon as your workers get to where they need to be, they can boot up and start working immediately. Morale also increases, as you can allow your staff to manage their own time and workload.

Cost effective

Small businesses simply might not have the capital for costly, physical servers. Cloud-based solutions reduce this cost, freeing up your budget to spend on the things that matter. Hosted desktop service costs are easy to manage and don’t demand the high level of layout that a physical server does.

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