Financial Accounting with Sage Software 2016

Financial Accounting with Sage Software 2016

Whatever the size and market of your business, Nimbus Computer Solutions provide a range of financial management software solutions that can be adapted to your current infrastructure.

Working with Sage and Partners over this past 15 years in the UK and Ireland, Nimbus are committed to Sage products as well as the support and enhancement of their products.

Carrying out Sage installs over many of sites has resulted in an enviable depth of knowledge, understanding of the strengths, as well as functionality which is not available in the standard products.


The Sage 50 range of software is designed for small and growing businesses. Sage 50 Accounts 2016 helps you to manage your customers, suppliers and day to day finances, including your VAT and end of year accounts.

Stay in control of your finances and share information with your accountant in a common language. Free yourself to concentrate on running your business.


With Sage 50 Accounts, Sage have made managing your day-to-day finances – things like profit and loss, sales and purchase entry and keeping track on what goes in and goes out – really easy. You simply enter information once and all the double entry details are filled in automatically, with reports and summaries updated at the same time. By keeping things simple, doing your accounts isn’t such a time-consuming job.


Sage will help you keep on top of those VAT returns, making sure you’re keeping the right records and calculating your VAT correctly.


So the scenario is simple, you provide goods, you supply those goods and the customer pays you…simple right? In reality this process is often more complicated than it sounds, you may have to negotiate discounts in order for deals to be closed or need cash up front to purchase materials. With the Sage 50 Accounts solution these types of sales are straightforward to manage and account for.


Knowing who owes you what and when is the basis of the successful management of your accounts. Sage 50 Accounts helps you manage deposits no matter how big, small or complex.

Whether you’re calculating a percentage of the total or taking into account a lump sum; whether you need to take payments before you confirm an order or just at the point of sale, Sage makes sure the figures add up. Because deposits are clearly shown on your invoices and orders, customers can see exactly what they owe and when.


Information you enter into your accounts contains just about everything you need to know to manage your business.

When you enter basic transaction details, you’re not just managing your cash and VAT; you’re also building a valuable database of information about your business.



  • Who your best companies best customers are
  • Who is buying what
  • When they are buying it
  • Which suppliers supply which products
  • Who has the best credit history


and there’s more…

Report by period, see your profit and loss, balances and other information in an easy to understand format. Customise or choose from a variety of pre-defined reports.

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