Cloud technology’s potential for savings, flexibility, and convenience has made it a staple of almost every modern business. However, as with any kind of emerging technology, there are various common issues businesses can run into, and which can drag down the value of their cloud solutions. Here are a few common cloud mistakes you need to avoid.

Not using role-based access control

Organisations that are new to cloud technology often don’t realise the full extent of risks to their data. Any important resources you’re keeping in the cloud have to be protected via role-based access control. For any business with employees filling different roles, this is a fundamental step towards effective admin security. Take the appropriate steps to keep credentials from being compromised, and ensure little errors don’t turn your cloud infrastructure on its head. Whether the threat is malicious or accidental, always maintain at least two sets of access privileges, or authentication layers, on every single point of access.

Failing to get clued-up on data security and compliance

If the cloud provider you’re using is compliant on PCI DSS, that means you’re automatically compliant on PCI DSS as well, right? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Though it’s easy to make these kinds of assumptions, the responsibility to secure and encrypt data lies with the company that owns it. Set some time aside to make sure you’re compliant with security standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and so on. Taking this important step will protect your data from being hacked, or compromised through employee negligence.

Overlooking network connectivity

To ensure the security of your cloud data, a dependable internet connection is absolutely essential, particularly if all your company’s data is kept on the cloud. Don’t let price take precedence over performance, and stay away from cheap storage options that don’t guarantee high bandwidth and reliable network connectivity. If you’re just about to integrate cloud tech, consider the impact it will have on your existing network and research any steps you may need to take to ensure good performance and efficient compatibility with the cloud.

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