Cyber Security

Have you got all the risks covered? 


Cyber-crime continues to escalate at a rapid pace as cyber attackers cause large-scale damage to all sizes and types of business. At Nimbus, we believe a multi layered approach is best way to protect our customers and we have a vast portfolio of solutions. 


Are you concerned about the threat posed to your business data?

Fighting the cyber war on a 24/7/365 basis...

Productivity software such as Microsoft 365 combines email, file storage, collaboration, and productivity applications, including OneDrive and SharePoint. Together, they are the crock of gold of sensitive data and files that phishers are looking to exploit. We have the solutions and expertise to protect your business data and we are constantly adding to and strengthening our armoury in the fight against cyber crime.  

Back Up, Back Up, Back Up…

We are very passionate on the importance of having data backed up should the worst happen and your data become compromised. Indeed, many people do not realise that Microsoft 365 is not backed up automatically, it is only replicated in the cloud by Microsoft. We have safe and secure solutions to back up our clients data whether it be located in the cloud or on local infrastructure. 

Is critical data being backed up? 
Are your systems kept up to date? 

Keeping systems up to date means optimal security and optimal performance

We constantly monitor the health of the network and ensure that all programs are kept up to date. Our automatic updating facility removes the burden and responsibility from the end user. With our centrally managed service we can also react very quickly to address and remove any threats. 


  Nimbus manage our technology 24/7/365 and provide critical cybersecurity advice and solutions along with nonstop network support so we can focus on more important business matters.  


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Could a cyber security review help you get a better understanding of your environment?   

There are further elements that need to be considered when putting protection measures in place, for instance monitoring how data is shared by employees and securing against unauthorised access. It is also essential to have a control strategy in place for your network and internet connections and all devices that are connected.

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Nimbus Cyber Security Review (Threat analysis and reporting) 

Nimbus can offer a bespoke audit service to evaluate your current cyber security infrastructure and policies. Using the results of this audit, our team can make recommendations and action changes that will bolster your baseline cyber security.  

What can I expect from the review?

Understand the security holes your attackers can and will target 
Find out how to develop an effective response to reduce your risks
Establish the impact cost on your business if your biggest risks materialise 
Know how to manage and mitigate your risks
Be able to prioritise investment of resource and budget 
Have the information you need to develop a business case for improving your security, if required 
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