Businesses of any size need to keep copies of their company data, for operational, legal and protective reasons. All it takes is one crash, one wrong command, a failed hard drive or power failure, and some vital files could be wiped out. That’s before we get to malicious activities like an angry employee or outside factors like hackers and data theft.

The costs of recovery vary from a few hundred pounds for a specialist hard drive recovery job to many thousands for a forensic recovery team. Then there’s the potential for a sizeable ransom if a hacker kidnaps your data, or a fine if

you are found to be failing to back up legally mandated information or failing to follow data protection directives.
All of which can be avoided by learning the proper procedures and ensuring your company has multiple backups so that your business can recover from any of these problems that occur on a daily basis around the world, across all industries and types of organisation.
The key to a successful backup is to have multiple layers of safety. That can involve a cloud backup of all business data and daily backups of regularly updated files to physical media that business or IT bosses keep with them in a safe location. Working files, such as Office documents, designs and in-progress graphics, that are stored on individual PCs should be automatically copied to cloud storage at regular intervals. Being registered with the Data Protection Registrar ( is a must for any size of company that manages certain types of data (such as customer information or credit card details), and they provide best practice advice on what to store, and where to store it.

Whatever your size of business, we can provide an appropriate backup solution for your data, along with IT support, improved networking and security, and other low-cost solutions to ensure your workers and teams remain operational when issues arise or things simply go wrong. Having a simple backup solution can save your company when disaster strikes, and a good backup recovery plan can save your teams hours or days of downtime.

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