At Nimbus CS we are great believers in cloud solutions, if you are moving to cloud on your own, here’s a few security considerations to keep in mind.

Increasingly cloud computing is being utilised as an essential tool by SMEs. It is one of the most cost-effective ways of storing company data. It works by outsourcing data storage to a cloud storage centre. The centre contains off-site servers. From these servers, a company can access and download the company documents. By hiring third-party data storage, providers companies can save on hardware.

For all its economic benefits, the question must be asked just how safe is cloud computing? When storing sensitive and confidential information it is always important for a company to review the potential cyber security risks. By educating themselves on the matter, SMEs are able to enjoy the best parts of the cloud without falling foul of any dangers.

When you transfer confidential data to a third-party, you are also handing over security control of this information. It is important to make the organisation in charge of your storage aware of your own companies policies relating to privacy and security.

Another possible issue is the danger that your provider will experience a loss of internet connection. This can be rectified by contacting your provider about any contingency plans that are in place, as well as having a backup system in preparation for this event.

One of the most important things to discuss with your cloud provider is their vulnerability and assessment controls. You need to know your data is adequately protected. A cloud computing environment will often have a dense amount of data supplied by many different companies. With increased data comes increased risk of cyber security from malware and other attack methods. To protect your data it is useful to consult a professional cyber security firm for advice. When a company wants to change their contract with a cloud company or cease it altogether, it is important they are made aware of how to get their data back.

Cloud computing certainly has far greater benefits that outweigh the potential cyber security risks. It is always best to be diligent when choosing a provider. Evaluating the company and its policies and safeguards will ensure cyber safety.

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