All business owners know that IT and digital solutions play a key role in what they do now. From better communication, to email or video calls, to more sales through eCommerce stores, being online is essential for modern businesses. Unfortunately, all business owners will also know about cyber-crime and how vital staying safe online is. Data breaches or infected networks can cost huge amounts of money to fix and really harm your company’s reputation.

With this in mind, it is important to place great importance on your cyber-security arrangements. As we head into 2019, it seems likely that cyber-attacks will continue to happen and with increasing regularity. Although you may know about the most common ones like malware, here are some others to keep in mind for 2019.

Cryptocurrency hijacking

We are all aware of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, malicious individuals use cryptocurrency for their own gain. One scam is to infect networked computers with software that then gets them mining for cryptocurrency. It uses the resources of the computers it infects to do this which slows them down and harms your productivity. It also allows the criminals to make money from mining these digital coins without it costing them anything. With the increasing difficulty of mining and the falling value of cryptos, hopefully this is one attack that may decline. No doubt the hackers will think up another use for your stolen cpu cycles.


They’ve been around for years, but this is something not many business owners will have heard of but may be big news in 2019. It sees hackers take control over a powerful network of computers without the user’s knowledge. They then use this massive network of machines to perform DDoS attacks, brute force attacks and steal sensitive data.


OK, this is not a new issue for 2019 but it is still set to be the major news in cyber-security. This sees hackers gain access to your servers or network of computers to lock all end-users out of them. They will only unlock the machines once you have paid a huge ransom. Naturally, this is very bad for your profits and also all the working time lost while the issue is being resolved. The sheer profitability of this kind of attack for cyber-criminals means it will continue to cause problems for years to come.

Let Nimbus CS keep you safe

The real problem for most businesses when it comes to cyber-security is having the time and expertise to keep it as tight as possible. This is especially true in large corporations where one vulnerable machine out of hundreds could be the way hackers get in. We offer comprehensive cyber-security services to help review your current IT set-up and help manage any improvements needed. Contact us today to find out more.

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