2017 saw a rise in the number of high profile cyber attacks worldwide. Malicious software is becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect. Now more than ever it is important for businesses to recognise the biggest threats to cyber security and know the methods of protecting against them. The most significant threats in 2018 include:

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

This is a variation on a Denial of Service attack. A standard DoS will work by overloading a computer system to the point where it becomes totally inaccessible. The DDoD version is particularly dangerous because the attack comes from multiple sources. This means that even if your security software recognises and stops one source the others will continue causing damage. Defence against these attacks requires a number of tools in order to identify and categorise the threat before responding. For staff members to gain back access the security software must be able to recognise and differentiate legitimate users from hackers. Blocking the malicious traffic will help bring the system back to functionality.

State sponsored malware

In recent years we have seen the emergence of sophisticated malicious software that has been designed by nation states for cyber warfare. This is a worrying development as companies have no way of knowing the nature of this software and what to look out for. The bright side is that even advanced malware needs an incubation period before it can spread onto other computers in a network. A strong security system will be able to identify any suspicious behaviour and isolate the malware before any further damage can be caused.

Outdated systems

Not all threats are external. The scope of the damage caused by the 2017 WannaCry attack on the NHS was partly due to obsolete security systems. As malware continues to evolve it is essential that the workplace has an up to date firewall in place to serve as an effective deterrent. It is also important that staff members are trained on how to safely use the computing system. All it takes is one uninformed team member to open a suspicious email attachment and then the entire internal network is compromised.

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