Greybeards will remember the days of local IT support. A couple of people sitting in the basement fixing power supplies and swapping RAM. But those days are long gone. Business startups in the 21st-century can search for a list of absolutely must-have departments, necessary if a growing company is to make the transition to a departmentalised organisation. HR? Yes. Finance and Accounting? Yes. Sales and Marketing? Absolutely. But no IT department. Why, when IT is at the core of almost everything we do now? Don’t we need those people to run to our desktop when we can’t find the command for ‘bold’?

Times change

Twenty-five years ago the personal computer was in its infancy. It was two things; slow and expensive. Nevertheless, it enabled a business to become more productive and so the IT dept was created to manage these devices when they went wrong. Which they did, reliably enough. But modern cultural and technological changes have led to a shift away from localised IT. Your workforce used PCs in the classroom and are now completely cross-platform using, PC, Apple and Android technology every day, at home and work. The admin desktop PC is now a tablet or a smartphone, probably even hosted with no more cost than a rental agreement. Cloud technology replaces the back office server. But you’re still spending money on replacing hardware and software. Isn’t there an alternative?

No more IT crowd

In January 2018 the average salary for a qualified IT technician fell by more than 8% reflecting a drop in demand for IT services. More and more SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are moving the cost of local support to an outsourced supplier. Doing so enables resources to be freed up for other things. Outsourced IT will have a wider IT knowledge than a small IT department and be capable of responding decisively to complex threats such as a breach of IT security. And above all, an outsourced IT department is less expensive to run than a local one.

Every business needs support. Outsourcing your IT is the logical way forward in an exciting, yet complex IT world with more threats than ever before. To find out how we can help, get in touch with us at Nimbus CS.

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