The UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 found that approximately 50% of SMEs had experienced a cyber security breach within the previous 12 months. For a large part of these, the breaches were avoidable and could have been prevented given increased employee training, updated firmware, or better holistic cyber security strategies. Given that a cyber attack could potentially be devastating to your business, our experts have suggested three essential tips your SME must follow to help prevent it being a victim of cyber security attacks.

1. Employees must recognise phishing attempts

Phishing is an attempt to get the user to click a link in an email, which purports to come from a legitimate source, but will often end up causing irreparable damage if the link is followed. Since most phishing emails attempt to spoof email addresses from reputable companies, it can be even more difficult to tell what is real and what is not. As such, it is essential that your employees are up to date with knowledge on phishing, how to recognise attempts and how to prevent them.

2. Always update your software

While having to update your software can be annoying, and may lead to a small downtime of your computers, there is a reason that firms let you know about software updates as soon as they become available. Most of the time, the updates don’t concern new features and designs, but actually represent updates of internal security, fixing any bugs that hackers can expose. Most ransomware attacks are caused by exploiting outdated software, so you should always click that update now button.

3. Different accounts need different passwords

While it may be tempting, and easy, to reuse the same password for all of your accounts, this is a basic security problem. If someone where to get hold of your password for one account, they then instantly have access to all of your accounts, with potentially devastating effects. Therefore, ensure that you and your employees use different passwords across the board – it may be a bit more inconvenient, but will significantly increase your internal security.

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