Small companies may start out with a few computers and an ad hoc network, but as they grow, their IT requirements become more demanding. This is often above the capabilities of the office “tech-person”, especially among family-run firms. And, with the demands of managing security, network access and other issues, IT support often becomes a full time role that the company cannot afford.

When companies grow to multiple offices, such as a factory or warehouse site that needs connecting, they will require advanced networking to keep data secure and users connected. At this point it is wise to get professionals involved and at Nimbus, we provide a full IT outsourcing service for Northern Ireland to ease the IT stress and ensure your technology is serving your business needs.

Business directors are constantly told the value of IT, but we can put the benefits of technology into plain English for you. We can also explain all the scare-stories that appear in the press in real terms about the threat to a business.

We can create and secure a network that will keep all your workers connected, and allow them to work remotely, either off-site or when working from home, while protecting your data from unauthorised access and those online threats. We can also implement Sage, hosted Exchange and other services that will help your business be more efficient at invoicing and communications.

Off-site backup is another business essential, to protect your data from major IT issues or physical damage to a property. This can help get your business back up and running within a matter of hours, rather than the many days it used to take, while a total IT loss could destroy some companies. Outsourcing the technology means there’s always someone available to help provide support with any IT issue, while upgrading your cloud services or network systems becomes a painless and low-cost solution.

Whatever the IT requirements your growing business has, get in touch and we can help provide the right services and products to manage your systems, and reduce the workload on your in-house staff, all with additional security and peace of mind.



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