You’ve worked exceptionally hard to get to this point, and when things finally take off it is a great feeling. But don’t book that holiday to the Caribbean just yet – not setting up your IT systems properly can crush your company. When growing bigger, your IT systems need to keep up and scale with you. These mistakes can be critical and lose you much-needed profits and clients

1. Too much to fast

It’s tempting to take on the world and push for all the high-level contracts you can get – but beware. Taking on too many projects at once will place your resources under new and dangerous amounts of stress. Remember that everything has a breaking point, including your I.T., don’t inflate the workload of your servers without making sure they can handle it.

2. Overall IT management

Often overlooked, bad IT management can cripple a company. As a small business, it was easy to fudge the lines and overlook certain aspects. Any errors or viruses that managed to sneak into your system were easily dealt with. But if you have 20+ individual machines, bouncing back won’t be so easy. You need a dedicated IT solution that will protect your company from device failure and cyber attack. Consider partnering with an IT company to avoid future issues.

3. Downtime

Downtime refers to the time that your systems, internet or servers or down. It can be for a quick upgrade or because a server malfunctioned. Everytime you disconnect, your clients will be increasingly unsure about your professionalism. Make sure your systems are set up to scale before you start growing and downtime can be avoided. Moving your data or servers to the cloud is a great way to do this.

4. Centralised data

As a small company, you could get along with an excel spreadsheet and an email or two. Now you need to handle a larger team and make sure everyone is working together. Make sure you are not neglecting interpersonal communications. Consider moving your staff over to a system that supports easy communication and stores vital data in the cloud

What to do?

Moving up in the world can be difficult, but as long as you stay on top of it you’ll be okay. If you need a helping hand, feel free to get in touch and we will hook you up with an IT system that supports your growth.

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