For all sized businesses now, IT support is a key issue. This is especially true for the small business that operates on finer margins and may have less of a budget in these areas. Even if you decide to handle the IT support you need yourself or via a staff member, it is sensible to have an external company provide an IT health-check regularly. This will give an objective opinion on your IT set-up and help you to improve it where needed.

What is an IT health-check?

Don’t worry, it’s not a case of someone coming in and putting a thermometer in your PC’s hard-drive! Rather, this kind of check reviews your organisations IT support systems and also the IT equipment you are using. It will give advice on how to make your IT set-up more efficient and therefore more profitable for your overall business.

What kind of specific advice will it give?

If you are thinking of having your IT support arrangements reviewed, here are few ways it can help you drive business growth.

1. Spot holes in your cybersecurity

One massive area for all businesses now is the security of their IT systems and equipment. This is especially true for your online efforts which can be vulnerable to hackers. An IT health-check will be able to spot any glaring holes in your current cybersecurity arrangements and give advice on how to fix them. This naturally will leave your organisation safer and much better prepared to fend off any malicious attacks.

2. Give advice on IT equipment and software

Having an external IT specialist come in can really throw up some great advice in this area. If you are using Excel to keep your accounts up to date with, for example, they may recommend a specific accounts software that will make it easier and more convenient. You may not be aware of the benefits of simply updating your current software to the latest versions also. These are just two examples of how an external IT expert can share their knowledge to help you streamline your workflow with IT.

3. Advice on long-term IT strategy

When you are busy running your business, chances are developing a long-term IT strategy slips down your to-do-list! Even if you have time, if you are not from an IT management background, you may not know what to do or the best strategy to take. By using an external specialist in IT, they can give the best advice in this area and help you implement a long-term IT strategy to grow with your business.

If you think getting a health-check for your small businesses IT sounds wise, then call Nimbus CS today. Our team of IT experts are ready to give you the best advice around in this key area.

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