Whether your company is fully remote or only has a handful of remote workers, you need to insist on IT support for them. A big mistake many businesses make is ignoring the needs of remote workers, who are just like any other employees and require the same support. A remote worker’s computer can be full of viruses or open to cyber attacks; their security systems are usually sub-par and can easily be compromised. Here are a few of the things you need to ensure you offer your remote workers:

1. Their own device

Depending on their title and the amount of computing power they need, you should assess what device would suit them best. A general rule of thumb is: if you would have given them a device as an on-location employee, you should give them a similar package. This allows you to have greater control of their machine. Your IT support will be able to set up various tracking software to log time and monitor the health of their device.

2. System management software

Avoid all risk when it comes to the possibility of your remote worker’s device breaking. Your IT support should be able to install software that tracks the components of their computer. They can then be warned if their hardware is faulty and a part needs to be replaced. This is especially useful when a hard drive is about to fail. All the data can be moved off, with no loss of work.

3. Creating a secure VPN

A VPN allows your remote workers to access internal documents securely. It has the added benefit of helping them stay safe if they are working on an unsecured network. A VPN system should be set up for all of your employees if they access sensitive information outside of the office.

4. Protection

IT support will help you attain high levels of computer security. While your remote workers should be responsible for their own devices, you can still help them by setting up adequate protection. A cyber security attack can wreak havoc on your internal network if a connected computer is compromised.

If you don’t have a dedicated IT support team, then why not outsource it to us? We can work remotely to support both remote and on location workers. You’ll be able to relax knowing that your company is protected from the threats of the outside world.

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