We all want our companies to be a resounding success, and whether or not this happens can often be dictated by how efficient a company’s IT infrastructure is. Even a basic server costs in the region of £1,300, while other pricer options include the IBM Xseries 360 (approx. £5,000) and the Compaq Proliant DL590 (approx. £10,000). Given this huge investment, any SME owner should be prioritising IT infrastructure protection. So what can go wrong, and how could it affect your business?

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The absolute nightmare for a business. Viruses can destroy a company’s infrastructure in one fell swoop, although research has shown that only 7% of data loss experienced by SMEs is caused by viruses. If a virus does manage to infiltrate your IT network, some of the potential ramifications include emails being leaked and sensitive details compromised.

Human error

With 32% of all SME IT problems stemming from human error, it is extremely important to ensure that all employees are properly trained, as this will drastically reduce the chances of potentially damaging errors. Motivation is also key, as employees who are not happy in their jobs may be more likely to make mistakes.

Power problems

Many of the IT problems which SMEs must deal with occur as a result of power problems. These issues can result from various events, such as storms, power surges, or general faults, and are known as ‘equal opportunity threats’. This essentially means that, no matter how big or small you company, there is no difference in terms of the likelihood that you will be affected by power problems.

Recent times have seen SMEs thrown into the economic spotlight, with many holding the belief that these companies are the lifeblood of Britain’s financial revival. In light of this, it has never been more important for owners of these companies to be extra vigilant when it comes to the potentially crippling problems outlined above. Nobody wants to miss that big email, or not be able to get an invoice out on time, but a few extra precautions can help prevent this.

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