One of the most infamous cyber security threats over recent years has been ransomware. This is malicious software that uses encryption and holds your network or server data for ransom, where the criminal or criminals demand that you pay a certain amount of money for your data to be released and resorted. Like the vast majority of cyber security threats, ransomware is often able to access a device through a hole in the security network, usually by posing as a harmless file and getting an unsuspecting individual to download it. Ransomware has recently been in the news across the world, holding banks, medical institutions and big businesses to ransom.

However, by following a few simple rules, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of ransomware finding its way onto your businesses’ network.

1. Only pay the ransom as a last resort.

There is no guarantee that the hackers will release your data once you have paid, and paying these criminals only encourages and funds them to continue attacking vulnerable people and companies.

2. Ensure you always have your data backed up.

By conducting regular offline or remote backups of your data, you can ensure that you won’t lose anything important even if your data does become encrypted and withheld from you by ransomware.

3. Ensure your employees are fully trained to be aware of scams.

It’s not just ransomware they need to be on the lookout for, but phishing scams, as well as anything that attempts to get them to download files or provide sensitive information. Establish a system where employees are aware of how these scams are often presented, and establish a culture where asking for second opinions and verifying these links is actively encouraged.

4. Make sure all programmes are fully updated.

When software tells you that an update is available, it is common that this update helps to make the software more secure, rather than just adding additional program features. As such, always update your software when prompted.

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