With most businesses relying on their PCs for day-to-day and strategic planning tasks, the news that almost every PC on the market has a critical flaw is generating major headlines. Known as Meltdown and Spectre, two vulnerabilities are causing major concern.

Intel’s chips released across the last 10 years are vulnerable to a particular type of attack, which companies are rushing to patch before hackers find a way to exploit it. Intel says that chips from AMD and ARM are also at risk, creating an industrywide issue and a concerted response.

The issue is a kernel memory leak, with the details being kept a secret to keep the hackers at bay. What it does mean is that the issue affects all operating systems, not just Windows, so Linux and macOS systems will also need updates. The fix involves creating implementing Kernel Page Table Isolation, locking the processor’s pages away from users and potential hackers, and patches should be rolled out this week or later by OS vendors.

Unlike software weaknesses, fixing a processor flaw will take more than just a simple fix, with a performance hit likely a result, although most email/office/browsing workers would never notice that. Some reports say the impact could be up to 23% to 30% of CPU usage, which if your company uses PCs for high-end tasks, would be more noticeable.

Time to outsource your IT?

This is the latest bad news for poor PC users who are regularly flooded by attacks or patches. Most companies lack the staff or knowledge to handle IT issues effectively, which is why outsourced IT support and management is becoming popular.

Doing this allows the company to focus on its business tasks, and not worry about IT issues, with all support, IT security and network and server tasks handled by us to lighten the load and provide 24/7 constant monitoring and patch delivery.

That’s not just for situations like the latest Intel problem, but for routine antivirus updates, regular OS patches, to ensure your PCs are always protected and working at their most efficient. When it does come to a crisis, we can also help keep your business data secure and available if there is a technical or hacking problem.

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