Storing information and carrying out certain types of processing in the cloud is a great way for businesses to save money and eliminate many of the risks associated with computer crashes. However, some businesses are still hesitant to migrate to the cloud because they have legitimate concerns regarding the security of their data and whether their IT departments can handle the demands of cloud computing. If you’re unsure about migrating your data to the cloud, we can help. We believe that cloud migration should be a safe, easy process, so we’ve created a list of three simple tips to make sure that it is.

1. Encrypt your data

The most common concern that businesses have about using the cloud is that their data will be vulnerable to hackers and agents of corporate espionage. Storing data offline means it can’t be accessed externally, so some businesses are reluctant to move from an on-site, offline storage system to an online, cloud-based storage system. However, reputable cloud providers offer top-notch security. What’s more, it’s easy to protect your data from unauthorised viewers: you simply have to encrypt it. It is almost impossible for unauthorised viewers to de-encrypt and interpret properly encrypted data. There’s no need to worry about storing data in the cloud, as long as it’s encrypted and is stored with a reputable cloud provider.

2. Outsource your IT support

Many businesses are concerned that their in-house IT departments aren’t equipped to handle the support and security requirements of cloud computing. What’s more, the cost of providing training may be prohibitive, particularly for SMEs. However, if you share these concerns, there’s no need to worry: it’s easy to outsource your cloud computing support to a competent, external team with relevant expertise.

3. Try a hybrid solution first

If you’re unsure about whether cloud computing is the right solution for you (or you’re worried about security), you don’t have to migrate all your data to the cloud simultaneously. Why not try a hybrid solution first? For example, you could keep newer, more critical data in an offline, on-site storage solution but migrate older, less critical data to the cloud. This will allow you to test the cloud and free up offline storage space without jeopardising your most important data.

We hope these tips help you enter the world of cloud computing safely. In fact, we can actually help you follow them. Here at Nimbus CS, we provide cloud migration and IT support services, meaning that we can provide secure cloud storage that meets your needs and offer the IT and security support services that you need to get the most out of it. We’re happy to take on all your data or just some of it, so if you want to test cloud computing with a hybrid storage solution, we can accommodate you. Get in touch today for more information.

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