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A managed service puts the responsibility on Nimbus for your IT operations. As a trusted partner, we offer unlimited remote support and proactive monitoring of your IT infrastructure and workstations. We are alerted to any issues and can deal with them before they become a problem. ntrate on running your business.

 Why is our proactive 

support better 

than “break fix” 


Traditional IT support which is more commonly referred to as “break fix” is a reactive support model. Basically, you wait until something isn’t working right before notifying your IT support. Therefore, the responsibility is with the user to report the issue first.

The cost of this type of support can appear lower than other IT support options but it works out more costly in terms of downtime with the time it takes to troubleshoot the issue and fix it.

Our support packages take this burden away and we take the responsibly of keeping your systems going while you focus on your core business. 

A Nimbus Manged Service is much more than proactive monitoring. We take the time to develop an in depth understanding of your systems and infrastructure. We analyse the health of each asset so that we are aware of issues that arise or could arise to avoid unplanned downtime. 

Nimbus can remotely test and apply fixes, updates and patches automatically while you work away safe in the knowledge that your systems are secure and reliable. 

What are the

advantages of choosing a

Nimbus Managed Support Service? 


What if I already have an internal support team? 


Engaging a Managed Service Partner in conjunction with your in-house IT Department can raise some eyebrows amongst the IT team. However, in our experience in working with these types of organisations, we are very much an alloy to the team. Our involvement allows them to focus on day to day maintenance and internal IT project deployment.

Internal IT managers are usually so stretched dealing with end user requests that the overall maintenance of systems and devices becomes reactive. A partnership with Nimbus allows them to continue doing this while we look after the bigger picture.


  any downtime to our production would have a severe impact on our business operations so it was crucial we found the right partner that understood our business processes and had the right expertise 


Clive Arnold, Head of IT of Linden Foods


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