It makes sense for small companies to outsource IT. Few small firms are able to afford to employ specialist IT staff full time, and their hardware and software needs are usually minimal enough that the CEO or office manager can take care of it.

But things get more complicated once a business starts to grow and finds itself working across multiple sites, with different computer networks, servers and even a requirement for remote access so employees can work at home. It isn’t unusual for a family run business to have more than twenty desktops in operation.

IT support then becomes a crucial function to enable the business to reach its full capability. But because it isn’t core to the organisation’s actual operation, the cost involved in developing and maintaining IT staff or an IT department feels like a distraction.

By outsourcing your IT infrastructure, your business can make considerable cost efficiencies, with savings on both capital costs as well as operating costs. For small and medium-sized enterprises, it reduces overheads, removing HR, training and payroll expenses. It also makes IT a fixed and predictable monthly charge.

As IT is their core competency, they can provide trained and certified staff at a level beyond the financial reach of most SMEs. With experience across multiple platforms, an outsourcing firm can become a partner, providing advice and expertise to make the right technology decisions for your business.

One key advantage of outsourcing your IT support as well as hardware and software equipment is that professionals can be available on tap, 24/7. This isn’t always possible with regular employees, who might keep normal office hours. And it can be critical in a business where operations run outside of usual hours, such as manufacturing, commercial printing, and hospitality.

Nimbus CS can provide a menu of networking and business IT support services from which you can put together a bespoke solution that is just right for your business needs. There are also pay as you go options, ideal for small companies with minimal needs, and a fixed fee managed IT support solution that can match the variety, complexity and size of your organisation. Contact us to find out more.

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