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All companies today rely on digital data, systems and processes, and with cybercrime on the rise it is more important now than ever to have a solid cyber security policy for your organisation. With cyber attacks regularly making international news they have become the number one threat to all technology-based businesses and organisations. Here are three ways you can use cyber security to protect your business from cybercrime.

Protect your company from cybercrime: 1. Preparation and prevention

Preparing for a cyber attack and pre-empting one will give business data and information an extra layer of security. Network and server breeches are commonplace, especially on un-patched and older operating systems that harbour countless software vulnerabilities. A professional cyber security company can pre-empt attacks by keeping operating systems up to date and patching known issues as and when they arise.


Protect your company from cybercrime:  2. Employee education

Social engineering has recently overtaken automated incursions as a method of attack for cyber criminals. The human is the weak link in the chain so spurious emails, files, USB sticks and social media posts can lure employees into clicking or opening them and allowing malware into the network. By securing email communications and firewalls an IT support company can reduce the risk of system infection, along with a training package for employees to increase awareness of possible social engineering exploits.

Protect your company from cybercrime: 3. Data protection

It is the responsibility of the business owner to protect the data of its clients and employees. Identity theft, both personal and corporate, is big business for cyber criminals. Huge data breeches and leaks are posted online almost weekly, causing no end of damage to the reputation and finances of the target company. A professional cyber security policy will ensure layers are in place to protect sensitive data at all levels within the computer system, from the file or web server to employee smartphones.

Cybercrime is not going away – attacks are becoming more frequent, getting more sophisticated, and victims more numerous. As a result, businesses can’t sit back and ignore this ever present threat. Having reliable and professional cyber security support from a reputable IT solutions company is the only way forward for digital business operations in today’s technological world.



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