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When it comes to outsourcing any aspect of your company, it is natural to be wary and draw up a large number of often irrational questions. So before you dispel the potential of using outsourcing for your IT needs, here are three common myths and why they aren’t true.

1. Because outsourcers are making such a profit, it isn’t cost-effective for us

The largest costs associated with IT support, be that in-house or via an outsourcing company, is the price of hardware and modern software. The upfront costs of these are huge, and they become more profitable as long as they are used to capacity at all times. So for outsourcing IT companies, this is where they make their money, by maximising the hardware they have in place and professionally servicing clients. Keeping this in-house is far more expensive for one company to implement but is much better for both parties, as the number of people using one piece of infrastructure increases.

2. Dealing with issues will be slower by moving support offsite

Such an issue may have been present some years ago when forms of communication were more limited, but that is not the case in this day and age. In fact, you don’t always need to commit much time to an issue by calling or emailing someone, but can instead use Live Chat support to fix the issue, while you simultaneously carry on with your daily tasks.

3. Our data will no longer be as secure

The safest way to store data is on secure hard drive systems that are locked down and inaccessible to outsiders. As you can imagine, the technology of such hardware is continually upgrading. This makes it very expensive for small to mid sized businesses to access, but you can do so at a much lower cost by using an outsourcing company who benefit from having multiple clients all using this state of the art technology.

Hopefully, these three answers will clear up much of your worries and initial doubts over IT outsourcing and you are ready to start accessing the overwhelming benefits that it has to offer. If you are a small to mid size company and think that outsourcing may be the way forward for your business, then get in touch today to find out if Nimbus CS is the company for you.




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