As more organisations move to the cloud, security gaps, data breaches, and the loss of client and company financial data are becoming more frequent. So, if you do it yourself, how can this happen and what can you do to keep your cloud migration safe and secure?

Too many passwords

A big issue with cloud apps is that they are not integrated well with existing IT systems, and employees do forget the many passwords that are associated with the different apps they use each day. This can lead to a tendency for users to continually reset passwords, sometimes re-using the same ones or writing them down. This effectively undermines the effectiveness of any security intention.

The best way to combat this is to keep access limited to those who need it, rather than allowing blanket access right across the company.

Lack of visibility

Many cloud-based apps do not have an audit of user activity. This means that two users with identical usernames could sign in simultaneously. No alerts would be triggered and a possible security breach could occur unnoticed. To prevent this from happening, it’s essential that the most sensitive client and company data must be locked away securely. One way to achieve this is to auto-delete any highly sensitive information from emails before a cloud app can be used to download them to a remote device.

Data leakage

Lost or stolen mobile devices containing sensitive client information all too often end up in the hands of cybercriminals, and the cloud app used for information storage can’t be blamed for that.

To combat this problem, apply a digital watermark to all corporate information so that your computer support team can track its movements on the web. Placing covert identifiers within your sensitive data will allow your IT department to see whenever the data is downloaded and by whom.

In conclusion

Cloud data is synced across potentially thousands of devices and can be downloaded by users worldwide. There’s no doubt that using the cloud for your data storage needs and email hosting offers many advantages, but you must change the way that your business secures its data via a more data-centric, end-to-end approach to security.

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