Cloud storage can be an invaluable resource to any business. However, you should seriously consider outsourcing your IT support if you want to move towards using the cloud. Here’s why:

It’s less of an upfront investment

It can cost businesses a lot of money to move their systems over to the cloud: you’d need to invest in both new hardware and software, neither of which will be cheap at the enterprise level.

By outsourcing your IT support, you’ll only need to pay a smaller monthly fee, making it much more affordable for SMEs and businesses with less financial resources.

It’s a more secure option

The major cloud platforms take security very seriously, as do the best IT support providers. By outsourcing your cloud storage, you’ll not only enjoy the security of the platform itself, but also the knowledge and safety expertise of your provider. Cloud outsourcing is simply the more secure option for your business.

Outsourcing is reliable

When you outsource, you know that your cloud service will be managed by genuine experts: people who spend their whole working lives working with the technology. That’s simply not the case if you leave your storage to whoever is best-placed on your team to manage it. Outsourcing means you get real ongoing stability.

You save money twice

The alternative to simply letting your most knowledgeable team members handle your storage is to hire someone with genuine expertise full-time.

However, this is naturally far more expensive than simply outsourcing, especially when you take into account the investment we’ve already mentioned. Outsourcing is the cheaper option in more than one way.

You’ll be able to scale

Let’s say that you make an upfront investment in cloud services. What happens if, down the line, you find that your resources aren’t enough? Well, then you’ll have to make further investments in software and hardware. However, specialist IT support businesses will already have the resources in place, simply because they have to serve multiple companies. Increasing your resources is as simple as picking up the phone and asking your support team to take care of it.

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