With more and more businesses looking to cloud-based servers, there is growing interest in exactly how cloud migration can save businesses money. Whereas most of the common questions revolve around how much it can save on IT spending both in the short and medium term, the bigger question is how it can benefit the top line revenue and the growth of a business.

The economics of cloud servers

Many businesses have headed to the cloud simply because the cost and performance ratio of a cloud server is superb. This has been put down to the fact that companies no longer have to worry about any breakdowns in hardware that could potentially cost them money. With most companies entirely reliant on their servers, downtime has become their worst fear. In fact, just a few short hours of server downtime could end up costing a mid-sized business thousands upon thousands of pounds.

Another key factor relates to speed. A cloud server offers more resources, which means ultimately it will run faster, which in turn will give you a quicker website. Meeting the expectations of today’s demanding consumer is absolutely critical, and by not keeping them waiting on your site, you’re preventing them from seeking out your competitors. Consumers expect quick results, and with over half of online searches now being conducted on mobile devices, a fast server is more important than ever.

Modifications and scalability

No matter how big your business is, you’re always looking for ways to grow, and that occasionally means making wholesale changes. The cloud is great for allowing that to happen. When the time comes to make a change, many businesses find it to be extremely malleable. It allows them to make modifications quickly without having to wait around for the process to get done. It also makes customising your operating system as well as making changes to your internal software quick and straightforward. This will be particularly handy if you ever find yourself needing to make any last minute changes to keep up with a competitor.

Cloud servers also have easy scalability. Whilst you work on growing your business, you’ll find that you will eventually need to add additional memory as well as plenty of other features to keep up with customer demand. It’s during these times, when you see an influx of visitors to your site, that a cloud server allows you to expand it quickly, meaning you have full control when it comes to preventing a server crash.

If you’ve been thinking about the benefits that cloud migration could bring to your business, talk to Nimbus today about how we can help by seamlessly migrating your workloads with minimum fuss.

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