Having multiple offices is a great way for a company to expand and increase its global outreach, particularly if they span a number of countries or even continents. Inevitably, however, there are a number of challenges that come with operating across a number of offices, and they are not limited merely to difficulties with differing time zones. Running such an operation requires meticulous planning, up-to-date technology and a near flawless IT support department to help it run smoothly and efficiently.

Video or phone meetings

Possibly the most common problem faced by office workers employed by global companies is in regards to how they can keep communications with colleagues in other offices efficient and swift. Indeed, there is nothing more frustrating or stressful than being unable to reach the one colleague with the document you need or being unable to communicate key aspects of a project adequately. To combat this barrier, businesses should provide employees with the tools to set up meetings via video or phone link, and instruct them on how to use such applications. Many professionals are now familiar with applications such as Meetupcall and Join-Me, which even allow for screen-sharing sessions in which employees are able to watch what is happening on their colleague’s screen in another office. Getting workers up to speed with this technology can work wonders.

IP phone systems

An IP phone system is another great way for employees to get in touch with each other. Purchasing such a system will save a business money on international calls and offer extra capabilities such as chat and conferencing, meaning employees do not have to go through the rigmarole of digging out colleagues’ numbers and punching them in the phone every time they would like to make a call.

Web-based management tools

Finally, it is most likely very important that a global business should take advantage of a web-based sales management tool such as Salesforce so that it can keep track of the activity of all of its salespeople. Purchasing this kind of programme will provide complete visibility in regards to the degree to which salespeople are benefiting the company and help business owners to develop strategies based on the data they draw out of it.

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