The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of information regulations developed by the EU and came to effect in May 2018. The regulations were a response to increasing public concern about the blatant abuse and misappropriation of private information accessible to both private and public organizations. While the decision to reinforce data protection is laudable, the new regulations have had a profound effect on the relations between client organizations and IT service providers.

IT service providers are consultants who offer a range of computing and information management services to client organizations of varying sizes and complexity. The new regulations make it hard for European organizations to outsource IT services outside the EU as it will be hard for foreign firms to comply with the GDPR. Some IT experts speculate that the law will be a boon for local IT service firms as the regulations have locked out foreign firms. However, even firms outsourcing within the EU will have to review the contractual obligations to ensure that the service is compliant with the new regulations.

The GDPR and Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, some commentators have argued that the GDPR will not apply to UK firms and citizens. The assertion may have some substance as the UK parliament can review the laws to suit national interests. However, most firms operating outside the UK will be reluctant to operate in an environment with conflicting regulations. Moreover, the GDPR prohibits data transfers to countries that lack adequate protections. This implies that the UK parliament will be hard pressed to make laws that are consistent with European regulations. Therefore, it is imperative for UK firms to comply with the GDPR as they will still have EU citizens among their customers.

We are an IT outsourcing firm operating in the UK and Ireland and are vigilant about data protection. We understand that breaching GDPR regulations attract fines of up to 4% of a firm’s annual revenue and are dedicated to educating our customers about compliance.

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