A report from the National Cyber Security Alliance has thrown light on the state of IT security in the UK. Much of the data makes for quite alarming reading.

According to the research, approximately 60% of all businesses that experience a security breach go out of business within six months of the attack.

A number of attack types were cited in the research, including phishing emails, malware and spam. Almost every type of device can be targeted, including laptops, desktop, smartphones and tablets, and the attacks can take place from anywhere in the world.

Recent additional data from Osterman Research (and sponsored by Cyren) raised more alarm. According to the information, security problems in small and medium-sized businesses are common. 75% of the IT and security managers surveyed reported a security breach or infection within the past 12 months. For businesses with less than 1000 employees, the figure was an even higher 85%.

The average number of reported breaches in the same period was 2.1, with data breaches, ransomware, zero-day exploits and targeted attacks among those causing the most concern.

Ransomware was more common for smaller businesses, accounting for 6% of infections in companies with less than 1,000 employees. Businesses with between 2,500 and 5,000 employees reported it as accounting for 3% of infections.

IT Managers seem more concerned with the cost of infection than the cost of protection. Respondents prioritised factors like ease of administration, visibility and advanced security far more than the total life-cycle cost of web or email security solutions.

In the UK, data loss prevention remains a major priority for IT managers. In the study, it was cited as the second-most deployed capability in both web security (64%) and email security (62%).

Despite their frequent use in today’s connected world, mobile devices still receive little protection. Less than 25% of respondents used any form of specialist security on company-owned or BYOD devices.

Guest Wi-Fi networks and remote offices are also left unprotected more often, with less than 30% receiving gateway security. Endpoint protection is largely deemed sufficient for employee laptops and for those working in remote offices.

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