In the second instalment of our IT insights for businesses series we take a look at the EU’s latest cyber security proposal

In response to the malware attack in May which left many organisations and businesses crippled, the EU has announced a new cyber security centre. It’s intended to improve the ability of EU member states to respond to such online attacks, following revelations that much of the chaos caused by the ‘WannaCry’ attack could have been avoided by following simple security protocols.

The vice president of the European Commission and EU digital chief, Andrus Ansip, said: “When the WannaCry ransomware attack affected companies across Europe in May, there were a lot of member states who asked for some help from the European Union.”

He went on to say that not all European cyber security products were up to scratch and able to compete on the global market, and that it was a topic that the European Union needed to pay much more attention to.

The proposed new centre would help to ensure that European cyber security products and protocols were competitive on a global scale, by extension helping to protect the businesses and organisations which operate within Europe and which use its products.

The next update on the new centre announced by Andrus Ansip will come in September, and the tech-guru is also expected to announce other measures to keep Europe safe online. These may include a graded system of certification for cyber security products, which would serve to standardise products and make them easier for consumers to understand.

Some rumblings of discontent about the project have come from Steve Purser, director of operations at the EU Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), who claims that while more people working on the problem is a good thing, more agencies could make it more confusing.

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