No matter what your company does, almost all businesses are now reliant on PCs, mobile devices, cloud services or locally stored data. Regardless of its size, imagine if your company suddenly lost access to those devices or the data. That’s why any business needs to think of itself as a digital one, and protect those assets as it would cars, tools and other equipment.

Managing IT assets

Most SMEs start out managing IT in an ad-hoc fashion, but soon need professional help managing their assets. At this point, it is easier and less expensive to turn to outsourcing than it is to hire an expert. One IT person in your company creates a weak link – they may not understand the business, and what do you do when they go on holiday? Or, if they leave the company, they will create a void that is hard to fill and may take key knowledge with them.


Outsourcing is the solution

A professional IT outsourcing solution can provide constant IT support, improved networking, cyber security, managed services and other essentials that will keep your business running. We can provide accessible backups of all key data, improve productivity and efficiency by providing mobile working solutions and other benefits, and can grow with your business as its IT footprint expands.

Growing your business

We can also help plan your future IT expansion, saving your business money by providing hardware, software and cloud solutions at lower cost. Outsourcing may still sound scary to some businesses that have grown organically, but, when it comes to IT, you need independent advice away from shark-like vendors and expertise that is very costly to have in-house, especially for businesses with a modest range of PCs.

As your business expands, moves to multiple sites or acquires other businesses, our advice and services will be essential when it comes to wider networking, integrating different types of software or database, and other issues that will crop up as companies change.

Whatever your business size, low-cost, professional IT support is available to all and will help the company remain protected and running through any IT disaster or typical failure. We can also help your company grow smartly, and efficiently use its IT assets, which can be of immeasurable value. Get in touch with Nimbus CS today.

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