For any company, the chaos that arrives when it opens a first branch office or second warehouse can be the stuff of business nightmares. All of a sudden stock control, staff management, document and data duplication becomes a major issue. Fortunately, it is one that can be easily solved by moving your IT from a desktop-based to a server or cloud-based solution.

Improving productivity

The key benefits of using cloud document systems like Office 365 include allowing anyone in the company to access the latest version of a spreadsheet or database, and that changes can be made in a protected manner so errors or duplications are avoided. For midsize businesses, hosted servers can ensure data currency and access from any location, with customisable solutions to support any growing business.

Managed IT also means that if you do have a computer or connectivity problem, your IT team isn’t dragged from one location to another. Instead, the majority of problems can be fixed without a visit. When it comes to connectivity, business broadband and leased lines between locations can ensure your offices always stay in touch.

Improved communications, no matter how many offices you have

Skype, VoIP or other unified communications systems ensure that teams are always able to remain in contact to see who is available or not turning up for work on time, and your business won’t suffer from out of sight, out of mind problems. It can also help schedule meetings, conference calls and so on for convenient times, and can pass on messages when people aren’t available.

Security support

Whenever there is an internet connection between two offices, there is also an increased threat to a company’s data security. IT support can analyse your organisation’s IT security capabilities and help manage any security, privacy or data compliance issues that may arise, such as GDPR. Using enterprise-class firewalls and antivirus software will protect your systems from whatever your less-aware users or the open internet can throw at it.

An expanding company needs to be carefully managed, and taking on cloud or external IT services will help make some aspects of that growth easier to handle. To ensure your efficiency and communications are not put at risk, get in touch with us today and see how we can help you.

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