Many businesses are knowingly or unknowingly sticking with a sub-par service provider. This can be for a variety of reasons – either they’re too polite/embarrassed to go elsewhere, they’re worried about not being able to afford to shift, or they simply can’t recognise the poor service they’re receiving.

IT support is essential to your business success. If your IT support provider exhibits any of the following behaviours, it’s time to start shopping around.

Lack of enthusiasm

Your IT support provider should still be enthused about performing their job to the best of their ability. It’s up to them to facilitate your business’ continued growth. If you’re sensing a lack of engagement, it may be time to consider allowing a fresh team the opportunity to work with you. This doesn’t mean you should expect wide grins and cartwheels every morning, but if you’re sensing that a good job is no longer its own reward for your IT support provider – start searching out new faces.

Poor communication

Outsourcing IT support is a big thing for a business to do – you’re allowing access to another company to the inner workings of your business. Your IT framework is the backbone of your operation, without it, your business will come to a grinding halt. The importance of this means it’s not unreasonable for you to expect a certain degree of communication from your IT services provider. If calls are not being returned, emails are not being replied to, and your questions are being unanswered, it means top quality service is no longer a priority.

Spiralling costs

IT support is an essential service for all businesses. It’s an investment – an investment into your ability to be competitive in the marketplace and provide your customers with the kind of service they expect. That investment, however, should not be a crippling one. If you’re noticing that costs are beginning to balloon out of nowhere, you should be thinking about seeking a new support provider. No worthwhile IT support company will dare to present costs to you that can’t be easily justified.

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