We all seem to acknowledge the fact that data breaches can be exceptionally damaging, and that cyber security in the UK is now a huge priority. But, there are some companies that have learnt this the hard way. In this post, we will take a look at some of the worst data breaches of all time:

CardSystems Solutions

A lot of people think that data breaches are a new phenomenon, but that’s certainly not the case. 13 years ago, one of the biggest cyber security breaches of all time took place. This was when CardSystems Solutions was hacked, exposing the credit card accounts of 40 million people. CardSystems Solutions is a leading payment processor for MasterCard, American Express and Visa, and so you can imagine how damaging this was. The company was hacked via an SQL Trojan attack, which exploited the lack of encryption on personal data.

Home Depot

Let’s move forward in time a bit. In 2014, Home Depot fell victim to an attack when their PoS systems were infected with malware that was believed to be anti-virus software. Instead, cyber criminals stole credit and debit card data and 56 million cards were compromised. It is estimated that the data breach cost Home Depot $179 million. The company faced a consumer lawsuit, as well as having to settle with the banks involved.

Sony PlayStation

If these two attacks were not enough to convince you of the importance of cyber security UK, then we are sure the last one will. In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation network was hacked, and it was the gaming community’s worst ever data breach. Hackers gained access to the passwords, emails, home addresses, credit card numbers, full names, purchase history and PSN/Qriocity log-ins and passwords of approximately 77 million accounts. The source of the hack remains a mystery, yet it is believed the breach cost Sony at least $171 million, if not more.

So there you have it: a glimpse at three of the world’s biggest data breaches. In all three cases, a monumental amount of data was stolen, and all three companies faced consequences in terms of legal action and reputational damage.

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