It has been announced that both the UK and Ireland, as well as 50 other nations around the world, have signed a cybersecurity pact with the intention of fighting cybercrime.

As well as numerous countries signing the pact, an array of very influential groups and organisations – including Facebook, LinkedIn and Siemens – have also given it their support. At the time of writing, around 150 companies from the private sector, as well as 100 charities and further education establishments, have backed the pact.

However, while this is clearly a positive and progressive move, it should be noted that a number of major countries have refused to sign on the dotted line, and their names will probably not surprise you:

– Russia
– China
– The United States of America
– North Korea
– Israel
– Iran
– Saudi Arabia

Each of these countries has a history of nationalism and solitude, and rarely confirm support for global pledges or accords.

So, with that in mind, what has the pact – announced in the midst of the Paris Peace Forum – actually been developed to achieve?

The pact itself

While the agreement is not actually a legal document, it has been created so as to promote things such as human rights, and protecting people’s data and information. Given the number of high profile cybersecurity breaches in recent months – with particular reference to those that affected Apple and Facebook – it is unsurprising that this issue has risen to the top of many people’s agenda.

However, here’s where things get a little controversial. Another of the key principles is that all countries and companies should ‘make a conscious effort to refrain from manipulating elections’. This is, very likely, the reason why China, Russia and the United States of America refused to sign. They have likely seen this particular pledge as something of a slight against them, and so have decided to forego the entire document in protest.

The true reasons have not yet been declared, but an educated guess would suggest this to be the case.

The tip of the iceberg

Of course, this pact has only been created because cybercrime has, in recent years, become an increasingly hot topic. Criminals are becoming smarter, and with more and more sensitive data being stored in the cloud and online, all companies must ensure they are properly protected at all times.

So, regardless of what your business does, how long you’ve been operating, or how many employees you have, we can help ensure your systems are as secure as possible. We are cybersecurity experts, and have built our reputation on keeping our clients safe, happy, and operating efficiently.

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