For any company with a recent batch of PCs on their desks, the arrival of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is another challenge in the changing world of Windows. While upgrades to new operating system editions seem to have been smoothed over and mostly run without issue, the new Redstone version of Windows adds a range of features that might cause issues for a company. At Nimbus we have a history of helping local companies out when it comes to Windows update time.

With Windows 10 updating very frequently to protect businesses against security risks, some users or part-time IT workers might mistake this for a simple update and expose new features to workers not ready to deal with them.

The new update adds powerful features

The addition of a Timeline mode, similar to that found on Macs, will help users who have deleted data or overwritten a file find that content, be it something they lost a few hours back or months ago and failed to notice. This will cause issues when it comes to people starting to work on old data that surfaced in that file, so users need to be trained in how to manage the feature.

Microsoft is also offering on-demand cloud storage to help when PCs start running out of disk space. Again, there could be issues where files are unavailable to other workers because one user has left them in the cloud, inaccessible to others, so some training is required.

One of the best new features enables you to work where you left off, featured across devices logged into the same account. Files will be available across your desktops, Windows tablets or all-in-ones and Windows Phones for power users. This freedom will be beneficial for those in an all-Windows environment, but needs careful device management and file archiving across any mid-sized business.

If your business is growing and the level of IT support is above what you can offer, then it might be time to look to outsource. We can provide all the help and support you need across multiple offices, helping to better manage your data and help when it comes to these tricky upgrades that can drop new features on unsuspecting users. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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