With some of our remote working tools and technology, Nimbus can help you continue to carry on serving your customers as if you were still in the office.

You can continue to complete projects, serve your clients and achieve your company and personal goals.

We have been advising and providing for remote working long before this current pandemic led increase in demand. Indeed, some of the various teams within Nimbus have remote working as a portion of their working week.

There are a number of basics that need to be covered:

Do you have reliable broadband connectivity?

Do you have the necessary equipment? (Laptop/PC/Webcam)

Do you have the productivity applications? (Office 365)

Do you have the facility to communicate and collaborate with colleagues, clients and suppliers? (Microsoft Teams)

Do you have access to your files and applications that which in some cases can be non cloud based (Remote Desktop, VPN)

Below are the solutions and services we are actively rolling out to customers at present:

Office 365 – allows you to access email, shared files and folders & lets you access all the well-known office applications like Word, Excel, Outlook etc

If you are not already doing so, now is certainly the right time to start leveraging the benefits of your Office 365 applications. 

Your OneDrive will allow you to work on your own specific files and folders which you can send links to or attach copies of. However, if you embrace SharePoint this will allow for better collaboration amongst your team and colleagues with everybody that needs to can access the necessary data and can amend files and documents in real time.  

Microsoft Teams – If you are running O365 this will generally be included and can also be used within the RDS 

This application which is very much the buzz word at the minute can really help with tying everything together.  

It is essentially the hub for all your applications. You can stay in the one place while working on all files and tools for a more efficient workflow.  

It is also the one place for conversations, meeting and calls. You can chat privately one to one with colleagues, suppliers and customers. Or indeed you can have instant group conversations, join meetings with HD audio and video all in the one place instead of using multiple apps. 

Remote Desktop – Best option if you run applications that are not cloud based and keeps everything in one place

If  you are looking to maximise the efficiency​ of your workforce while they work remotely then Nimbus can help. ​ 

​Using Remote Desktop makes it easy to manage and access all applications plus data from any location and any device. ​ 

​Just like working at your desk, you’ll be able to access your desktop, applications, shared files and folders using a secure connection to help prevent data breaches and maintain privacy. 

VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

A Virtual Private Network is a service that allows you to connect to the your organisations network via an encrypted tunnel to ensure your online privacy and protect your sensitive data. 

It redirects your internet traffic through a specially configured secure connection. This way, the VPN hides your IP address and encrypts all the data you send or receive. 

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