You’ve done it – all the hard work and worry has paid off: you’ve managed to expand your small business into a medium-sized business. You’ve got more products, sales are through the roof and you can’t hire new staff quickly enough, but has your IT infrastructure kept up with your profit margins? While it may feel like you’re the same old start-up you were five years ago, providing IT support to a mid-sized business is a different challenge.

Increasing demands and challenges

As a mid-sized company, demands on your flexibility are likely to be great, and you may be faced with new problems out of the blue without easy answers. From the need for multiple locations to the sudden threat of cyber attack, to the demand for remote working, or simply the need for more infrastructure, you’re going to need good IT support that can anticipate these demands and solve them before they start to lose you time and money.

Longevity is a big new factor that you’ll come across. As a newly mid-sized business, you’re planning for ten or even 20 years down the line, so having that IT infrastructure in place early and ensuring it works in the long term is vital. With a proper adoption plan in place administered by IT professionals, taking on new technology and using it properly will be a smooth process rather than a wrench.

Anticipate problems and be prepared

Your newly stuffed order books rely on consistency, and downtime can mean the difference between repeat business and a one-off customer. You can’t be everywhere at once, and you now have more orders than you can track by yourself, so plans to anticipate and combat server shutdowns will avoid fines, and have those orders processed and shipped in no time.

Outsource your IT to maintain connections

Thanks to your growth, your employees are now everywhere – on the road and making sales, in the factory and even out at your foreign office breaking into new markets. Connectivity is vital to keeping it all moving. While you may not have the cash to do your own IT, outsourcing allows you to keep those vital connections up so that you don’t miss a single day or deal.

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