Given the amount of sensitive information that businesses store on their personal computers, their intranets and on shared file services such as the cloud, it is more important than ever to ensure that your business takes cybersecurity seriously. Hackers and other cybercriminals can make vast sums of money by stealing and selling your information, or through other techniques such as ransomware, and these crimes are unfortunately becoming increasingly common. However, protection from cybercrime doesn’t just mean secure firewalls and encryption; you must also consider the physical actions of your employees. Our experts suggest a few tips on how the everyday behaviour of your staff can help to increase your security.

1. Lock away all hardware when not in use

While many companies spend thousands on digital forms of cybersecurity, all of this is worthless if a criminal can just pick up your hardware and walk off with it. While it may not always be practical to steal a desktop computer, it could be incredibly easy to snatch a small USB drive or an external hard drive. Any sensitive information contained on smaller drives should always be secured safely when not in use.

2. Always log off

One or two-step verification for secure areas of your intranet or cloud services can really help to improve security, but it means nothing if your employees are constantly logged into the system, even when away from their desk. Ensure that staff always log out when finished with their computer, and discuss automatic log out systems with your computer support team if possible.

3. Is printing really necessary?

It’s common for employees to need to access many different secure and sensitive documents to complete their tasks, but all the digital security and barriers to entry are rendered useless if employees print out this information and then don’t keep it secure. Often, printing is not necessary and is just done out of habit; if you really must print any sensitive information, ensure that it is kept secure at all times and subsequently disposed of appropriately.

At Nimbus CS, we are aware of the necessity for complete cybersecurity, and incorporate it into our comprehensive IT support packages. For more information about our services and how we can provide you with computer solutions, please contact us.

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